Tenby International Primary Schools

A few weeks ago, when I went to sign in at the office, Mr. Lee Tiong Hui, Tenby CCA/Sport Officer, let me in some info which was a real encouragement to us. He told me that parents were very happy with the way we were handling the class and he praised us for doing a good job. I could swear I blushed that very moment (I always feel awkward especially with unexpected compliments) and was overjoyed at the same time.

The Tenby International Schools taekwondo club started off with a humble beginning of about 30 members in April 2009, the majority of whom were from the primary school. Initially, the primary and the secondary students were training together in the school auditorium.

Each semester the club saw a steady increase in membership, and was one of the CCA activities that was pulling in the crowd, according to Mr. Lee.  Our membership grew from 30 to 50, then from 50 to 70. He came one day during one of our training sessions to  observe and also to find out for himself what was so interesting in our training that was drawing the students in.

This semester, anticipating a good response, we decided to have separate training day for the primary and secondary. The training time for the primary remains on Thursday, while the secondary is on Friday. However, the students are still given the options to select any of the training day most convenient  to them.

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SMK Methodist (P) Klang, 2012

I still remember, I was still a small girl when i joined Tae Kwon Do classes. It was an AMAZING experience.

Most of our members here will welcome you warmly with open arms because Tae Kwon Do isn’t just a place to train but also a place to make new friends. Till today, in our classes here, SMK (P) Methodist, Klang. You can barely or RARELY see anyone standing alone like a loner. Thats what so special about TKD in MGS, Klang.

What I learn from training in TKD are, to achieve something, you need to reach out to get it, in other words, hardwork. Moreover, learning TKD isn’t just for self defence actually, more to train your body to be physcially active and mentally smart to achieve excellence in school.

Furthermore, a HUMONGOUS THANKS to Mdm. Yeap Swee Bee, 7th Dan and assisted by Mr Yap Ping Hong, as well as Mr. Tan Seng Huat. Without them I don’t know how this training can continue on. Training in TKD will build up attitude and discipline. So take this initiative to learn up TKD anywhere. It could be in your school or other centre or even in our school. Don’t take a step back because of your age, take a step forward to change your view and environment by joining US !

You can always join us during our TKD sessions at 4.30 pm to 5.45 pm every Satuday. It will change if there are replacement of school days during the Saturday and it will be push to Sunday, same time. Remember, the MORE the MERRIER. 🙂

Submitted by :
Cheok Wei Ann
President, Taekwondo Club SMK Methodist (P) Klang, 2012 

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MGS Committee 2012

President: Cheok Wei Ann
Vice president: Ng Wen Ying
Secretary: Vanessa Ong Swee Chu
Treasurer: Vikneswary a/p Kesaver

Committee Members
AJK Form 1: Chee Wei Ying,Nicole
AJK Form 2: Janice Maria Nair
AJK Form 3: Sia Xin Li
AJK Form 4: Kiretheega a/p Mahalingam
AJK Form 5: Syalini Sridharan

Taman Megah Night Class

Taman Megah night class was initially started for those students who were formerly training in the Taman Megah school. When they moved up to form 1, they stayed back as they still wish to continue their training under us. That was more than 15 years ago. Now, it comprises ex-students from as far as SK Assunta, SMK Bandar Damansara Utama 3, P.J. and other colleges nearby as well.

The class starts at 7.45 pm sharp every Tuesday, and usually by 7.15 pm we would already be there teaching and guiding those who come early. The form 1 students would come straight after school (they will only take their dinner after the lesson). To see them coming faithfully, week after week, despite the long and hard day at school, really gives us the motivation to give them our best.

This is an unique class. It is unique in the sense that unlike other classes, here, the students who had left for further studies overseas would come back to train when they are back for holidays. Some would even come and assist us to teach. One such person, is Kenneth Kuan (graduated several months ago as a medical doctor). Oophs…, I should address him as Dr. Kenneth Kuan, now, as he is currently serving and attached with the Sg. Buloh General Hospital.

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Tenby International Secondary Schools

For the first time this semester the secondary boys and girls from the Tenby International Schools commenced their training without the primary students. Before this and for the past 3 years, both the secondary and primary were training together in the school auditorium. It was until recently, when the group got a little too big, and we have more secondary students that could come on Friday, that we decided to split up the group.

The primary remains training on Thursday, and the secondary on Friday. However, they are still given the option to attend either one, most convenient to them.




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