Taman Megah Night Class

Taman Megah night class was initially started for those students who were formerly training in the Taman Megah school. When they moved up to form 1, they stayed back as they still wish to continue their training under us. That was more than 15 years ago. Now, it comprises ex-students from as far as SK Assunta, SMK Bandar Damansara Utama 3, P.J. and other colleges nearby as well.

The class starts at 7.45 pm sharp every Tuesday, and usually by 7.15 pm we would already be there teaching and guiding those who come early. The form 1 students would come straight after school (they will only take their dinner after the lesson). To see them coming faithfully, week after week, despite the long and hard day at school, really gives us the motivation to give them our best.

This is an unique class. It is unique in the sense that unlike other classes, here, the students who had left for further studies overseas would come back to train when they are back for holidays. Some would even come and assist us to teach. One such person, is Kenneth Kuan (graduated several months ago as a medical doctor). Oophs…, I should address him as Dr. Kenneth Kuan, now, as he is currently serving and attached with the Sg. Buloh General Hospital.

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