Tenby Schools hero

As the undefeated champion for his weight category for 5 consecutive championships since the beginning of this year 2016, Bronson Cheah Jun Peng had made a name for himself among the little ones in the Tenby Taekwondo CCA. Here’s you can see how popular he was among them and how they celebrated his victory when he won yet another Gold in the recent Kejohanan Taekwondo Remaja Selangor (MSSS) in May 28, 2016.DSC_7219

The following are Bronson Cheah’s recent achievement

  1. Semenyih Cup Taekwondo Invitation, 27th February 2016 – GOLD
  2. Kejohanan Taekwondo Jemputan Piala Datuk Bandar Shah Alam, 19th March 2016 – GOLD
  3. MSSD Petaling Perdana & Petaling Utama, 17th April 2016 – GOLD
  4. Heros Taekwondo Cup 2016, 14th May 2016 – GOLD (Individual), GOLD (TEAM)
  5. Kejohanan Taekwondo Remaja Selangor (MSSS), 28 May 2016 – GOLD

The Return of Bronson Cheah

Tenby International’s Newsletter 53 – 4 March 2016
page 15.


DSC_5471aAfter staying off from competitive training for several months due to a knee injury, Bronson Cheah Jun Peng returned and took part in last weekend’s Semenyih Open Cup Taekwondo Championship 2016 with a bang. He won the gold medal effortlessly after beating 4 other opponents. Motivated by his earlier achievement, his younger sibling, Nicole Cheah Ji Ki joined in the competition for the first time and managed to secure a silver herself.

Taekwondo CCA at Tenby Schools, Setia Eco Park, Shah Alam.

A day in the Taekwondo CCA training for the KS and Primary students in Tenby Schools, Setia Eco Park.

DSC_0383See, their discipline and enthusiasm!!!

DSC_0407The first thing children learn taekwondo, they should learn discipline. The DSC_0391rigorous training they go through allows them to channel their energy in a wholesome manner. As they learn to punch and kick and DSC_0402coordinate their bodies, it helps in their concentration and memory. A taekwondo trained student is more confident, not only in the physical aspects but also in the mental discipline. Self-confidence makes people generous in their attitude toward weaker people.