A chance meeting with a former student, Thiba Rajoo in Facebook…February 8, 2013

  • Hi M485813_10151147796412954_909933151_nr. Leong, its me Thiba , you still remember me? OMG you still look as dashing as ever, forever young.
  • Hi, Thiba, of course, I can still remember you! Me still looking young? You must go for an eye check-up. Hahaha…you want a cup of coffee, huh?
  • Mr, Leong, do you know I have perfect vision, you look the same from the time I last saw you which was almost 17 years ago, so it proves you are still forever young lah, no need cofee lah, how to forget my sifu, up to today my best year are those in the taekwondo club, I walk with pride because of you and Mrs. Leong, you constantly pushed me to be the best. Glad to know you on facebook, send my love to Mrs. Leong.. tell her I miss her ok.



Hi Sir,

Thanks for sharing the movie. You’re right. Unknowingly tears rolled down my eyes too.

I wanted to take this time and let you know that you make a difference too Sir. Both you and teacher have dedicated yourself selflessly to the world of taekwondo and not only that. You have dedicated yourself to the students who have come to you to learn and I believe (in fact can vouch) that you have made a difference (impacted in some way) in almost all of them, if not all.

Students under you not only learn the art of taekwondo / self defence, they learn other values such as the urge to excel in life, whether its relating to academic / work while maintaining humility as well as not to forget ones roots, parents, family, friends and GOD. But the utmost value a student would learn is discipline and it applies in all aspect of life. It is one of the important value that you would directly and indirectly remind students constantly.

I am proud to say I’m one of your students whose life had changed and at the same time grateful to be taught by you. Thank you Sir. Thanks to both of you, Mr and Mrs Leong for making a difference in my life.

Ps: u r my favorite teacher too… n until this date.

Warm Regards,


March 22, 2012


Dear Master Leong & Mdm Yeap,

Our deepest appreciation for your commitment and steadfast dedication to mentoring our children. Almost a year has passed since Atticus has been under your coaching. Because of you, Atticus has gained confidence and self-discipline and continues to develop himself. Many years from now, we will continue to remind Atticus of one such Coach who made a difference in him. And we will encourage Atticus to continue to lead and develop his juniors as how his seniors have for him. A big thank you from us. Wishing you an awesome Xmas and many more successes in 2012!

Eleen Wong

Dec 19, 2011


Master Leong,

 Thank you for the words of encouragement to Benjamin. I knew that this will make him a stronger person. Ben has few challenges in his life so this gives him a chance to learn how to deal with disappointment and to know life isn’t always easy.

Thanks to you and Mrs. Leong for guiding the children to be good people, telling them always that success without a good character is meaningless. I can see that you both truly care about them.


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Benjamin received his poom belt on 25th July 2010.

May 11, 2010



Hi Dean,

Visited your website just now. It is very well designed.

Being a non member of your club, from the pictures, I could see that you always encourage the spirit of team work upon your students.

As for your members, I could see that they were full of enthusiaism and discipline.

A visitor who does not know you personally would come to conclude that you run a very good taekwondo school. Congrats!

Ng Kok Seng

May 5, 2010




Dear Master Leong Yong Wah,

I want to take this opportunity to thank, Master Leong your goodself and the whole training team from “Powersport Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy” for guiding my children.

The children have learned so many things during the past 4 years of training. Good culture were inculcated in between. They not only learned the tactic of self defense but discipline and well behavioral as well.

Teamwork and sportsmanship too were brought to them. All these are essential tools & foundation for them to grow up to become a stronger & more responsible individual.

Once again, Bravo to the team of “Powersport Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy”

Charmaine Thor

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April 25, 2010


Dear Sir,

Ziyan_childrenFirst and foremost, wishing you a happy CNY. May the Lord bless you and teacher with good health, peaceful mind and joyful spirit always.

I just can’t help but to drop you a note on how proud am I looking at the picture of the Kwang Hua training. I couldn’t recognise the hall, but Thian Chuang confirm it beside the file name. With 8 rows of blackbelt, I’m sure it’s a much bigger class now, as compare to when we were for the good 18 years ago.

I’m also excited by the fact that there is now more young people that will be positively impact by you, who mold who they are and determine their life choices later, the same that benefited a good lot of us, who are before them.

God bless you sir.

Best Regards,

Zi Yan

Feb 19, 2010