SMJK Kwang Hua Committee 2017/2018

Submitted by Loh Kah Ann

Nowadays robbery is getting more rampant in our country. I would like to advise everyone to take up a form a self defence to protect themselves.

I took up taekwondo because I wanted to protect family and friends. Here in SMJK Kwang Hua, the taekwondo class not only teaches me the skills to defend myself but it also offer a way where I can interact with other people and to get to know more friends.

As a member, I dare say it really benefited me a lot since I joined the club a few years back. Every Saturday, I look forward to my training, from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm.

Come and join us! Everyone is welcome! You will not regret it!

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Submitted by:
Loh Kah Ann

SMJK KWANG HUA, 2015/2016

Submitted by: Chia Hui Xin,
Secretary, SMJK Kwang Hua Taekwondo Club, 2015/2016

DSC_2672“Are you free to go out this Saturday?”

Usually when I get this question, I would decline most of time. Why is it so?

DSC_2699This is because I have to attend my taekwondo training at school in the evening. Through taekwondo training, we can strengthen ourselves, and most importantly learn self-defense. When you encounter evildoers, you don’t need to be afraid. You can fight back by DSC_2741DSC_3177applying what you had learn in training. But sometimes evildoers too have weapons that can kill or hurt you and you still need to protect yourself by running away.

Not only that, we could also relieve stress by learning taekwondo in SMJK Kwang Hua. Parents don’t have to worry about their children’s safety, because it’s totally safe here in school. Of all the benefits we got through taekwondo, is all thanks to Master Leong and his assistant Mr. Tan Kien Tat for giving us the opportunity to learn.

Are you touched? Yes? Okay, let me tell you more about it. Taekwondo Club in SMJK Kwang Hua has over 40 years of history. Our training is held on every Saturday from 4.30pm to 6.30pm at dataran SMJK Kwang Hua. Besides the training, there are also sparing class before training and training class which is self-defense class using stick after training.

You are warmly welcome to join us!

Ahli Jawatankuasa 2015/2016
Pengerusi: Yew Kai Jyet
Naib Pengerusi: Chew Vi Vian
Setiausaha: Chia Hui Xin
Penolong Setiausaha: Lee Win Nie
Bendahari: Isaiah Ong Wei Sheng
Penolong Bendahari: Tang Hui Yee
Ketua Kebersihan: Teng Zhen Wei
Penolong Ketua Kebersihan 1: Tan Kye Ying
Penolong Ketua Kebersihan 2: Nik Muhammad Adam
Ketua Kecemasan: Yeoh Yeong Xiang
Wakil Tingkatan 5: Wong Sung Shuen
Wakil Tingkatan 4: Loh Kah Ann
Wakil Tingkatan 3: Ng Thea Jong
Wakil Sesi Petang: Tee Siang Chi
AJK Biasa 1: Ng Kae Leng
AJK Biasa 2: Tee Yi Ern

Submitted by:
Chia Hui Xin
SMJK Kwang Hua,

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SMJK Kwang Hua Committee 2014/2015

Submitted by: Celine Chern,
Secretary, SMJK Kwang Hua Taekwondo Club 2014/2015 

SMJK Kwang Hua 2014/2015


Committee 2014/2015

As everyone knows, Taekwondo is a well-known and popular Korean martial art. Through the training, we not only learn to protect ourselves but also molds us to be a better person. Taekwondo enable us to build skills that will encompass aspects of ethics, patience and self-control. At the end of the day, we find we are a more confident and discipline person.

_DSC4353Taekwondo Club in SMJK Kwang Hua was established in 1974. Our Taekwondo Club has over 40 years of history, and yet we are still standing strong till today. Our goal is to train students to protect themselves over any circumstances.

_DSC4371Our training is held on every Saturday, 4:30pm till 6:30pm at dataran SMJK Kwang Hua. Master Leong Yong Wah is our handsome instructor with a lovely and bright smile. I treasure his smile the most because it is the smile which gives me more energy to train harder every week. Master Leong is assisted by Mr. Tan Kien Tat who teaches us self-defense and self-discipline. Kudos to the dedicated instructors, committees, and of course, not forgetting the members who play a vital role in keeping the Taekwondo club standing tall not just in the past and present, but hopefully for many more years to come. We train diligently every week and always strive to do our best. Besides the training, we have a lot of fun too in other activities. We started a new training class which is a self-defense class using stick. This class is very interesting and fun. All are welcome to come and join us.

Remember, Taekwondo is not just a sport or just a martial art, but it is a way of life!

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Submitted by: 
Celine Chern Jia Ying,
SMJK Kwang Hua Klang,

Pengerusi: Ooi Mei Xuan

Naib Pengerusi: Lim Wan Sin
Setiausaha: Celine Chern Jia Ying
Penolong Setiausaha: Chew Vi Vian
Bendahari: Lee Ee Hooi
Penolong Bendahari: Isaiah Ong Wei Sheng
Ketua Kebersihan: Goh Wei Heng
Penolong Ketua Kebersihan: Ng Ying Wang & Yew Kai Jyet
Ketua Kecemasan: Leow Zu Ren
Ketua Papan Notis: Tee Yi Wen
Ketua Wakil Tingkatan: Yap Yee Ting
Wakil Tingkatan 5: Lee Shier Nie
Wakil Tingkatan 4: Suaw Xiang Ting
Wakil Tingkatan 3: Nik Muhd. Adam
Wakil Sesi Petang: Ng Thea Jong

SMJK Kwang Hua Klang, 2013/2014

Submitted by: Joanne Nie,  Secretary


It never ceases to amaze me how diversified our club members are in SMJK Kwang Hua’s Taekwondo club. From the tiniest little babies with red cheeks and big adorable eyes, to super seniors who have been training for years, they all share the same passion, the same determination and love for Taekwondo. It’s been 4 years since I made the decision to join the club, and it’s a decision I’ve never regretted._DSC1122

At approximately 4 p.m. every Saturday, members of the SMJK Kwang Hua Taekwondo club arrive with a wide smile on their faces, eager to arrive early to either train or share a joke or two with their friends. Members, regardless of age and belt colour sweep the floor together to make sure that we (or our mothers) don’t spend hours washing the dust and dirt off our white uniforms afterwards! I quote our vice president, Mr. Choo Hock Nin, :”We’re all members who are using this place to train regardless of seniority and age! J”
_DSC1102It’s true that we have a loving community (and committees) here at SMJK Kwang Hua’s Taekwondo club. We take care of each other through subtle ways, from reminding someone that their shoelace is untied during running, taking someone who looks seriously sick to the bathroom, to even just a pat on the back to motivate someone who’s having a hard time running.

_DSC1088Also, just saying thank you is not enough to express our gratitude towards the handsome Sir Leong Yong Wah, the man behind Powersport Taekwondo (and also occasionally, the man behind the camera lenses). We thank you for dedicating time and effort to us!  The difference you make is nothing short of legendary. We would also like to thank Sir Tan Kien Tat for always being such an inspiration, great instructor, awesome friend and for giving us motivation when we most need it.
All are more than welcome to join our community and join in on the fun! Training is on every Saturday, 4.30 – 6.30 pm.
Submitted by:

Joanne Nie
Secretary, Taekwondo Club, SMJK Kwang Hua 2013/2014

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Ajk 2013/2014

Pengerusi : Yew Shi En
N. pengerusi : Choo Hock Nin
Setiausaha : Nie Naik Xin Yuan
P. setiausaha : Ooi Mei Xuan
Bendahari : Lim Yee Ying
P. bendahari : Lee Ee Hooi
Ketua kebersihan : Chew Zheng Kang
P. k. Kebersihan 1 : Alex Yew
P. k. Kebersihan 2 : Celine Chern
Ketua Papan notis : Tang Ying Jien
Ketua kecemasan : Lim Shen Yeen
Wakil tingkatan
5 : Goh Kun Shun
4 : Lim Wan Sin
3 : Chew Chyi Lin
2 : Tan Kye Ying
1 : Ng Kae Leng

Ajk Biasa
1 : Goh Wei Heng
2 : Yap Yee Ting

SMJK Kwang Hua Committee 2012/2013

Submitted by: Joanne Nie

When I was a little girl, I used to do everything my little brain could think of to escape taekwondo training. After I passed my black belt test, I promptly and regrettably quitted (albeit temporarily) taekwondo. I graduated from primary school and moved on to secondary school, where I came to know of this taekwondo club, in SMJK Kwang Hua. Admittably, at first, I was only joining for the extra-curricular marks, but gradually, I fell in love with the community, the love and passion for taekwondo in the members, the friendliness and warmth of the members. And I’m proud to say I haven’t fell out of love with SMJK Kwang Hua’s taekwondo club yet, and probably never will!

It’s been nearly 40 years since our club was established, back in the early 1980s. Since then, for decades, generations of taekwondo-loving students have strived to keep up the good work, constantly changing the club for the better. Also, words cannot explain my immense gratitude for the much loved Sir Leong Yong Wah, who dedicates his time and effort for the well-being of his students, and also Mr Tan Kien Tat, who is the perfect role model for passionate taekwondo-loving students.

SMJK Kwang Hua’s taekwondo club is unique in the sense that we have members who are not studying in our school. Tiny children can be found training alongside the much older seniors, brows furrowed in concentration and sweat dripping from their little chins. Age is not an issue when it comes to taekwondo. Sometimes, it’s the youngest members that are the best fighters!

At approximately 4 p.m every Saturday, members would rush through the school gates, eager to arrive early to either train or share a joke or two with their friends. At 4.30p.m. sharp, class would begin, ending at 6.30p.m. All are welcome to join our loving community and share the fun! One thing though, the 2.4km run is made much harder because of our slopes and hills. Come mentally and physically prepared!

To me, taekwondo is not merely just a sport. It’s a way of life.

Pengerusi Chan Wen Di


Naib Pengerusi Lim Pin Jie


Ketua Disiplin Chua Yi Hui


Setiausaha Chan Wen Ni


Penolong Setiausaha Yew Shi En


Bendahari Go Ray June


Penolong Bendahari Nie Naik Xin Yuan


Ketua Kebersihan Lionel Lim


P.K.Kebersihan 1 Lee Kean Wee


P.K.Kebersihan 2 Choo Hock Nin


Ketua Kecemasan Alex Yew Shiuann Yong


Wakil tingkatan 5 Selina Leow


Wakil tingkatan 4 Tang Ying Jian


Wakil tingkatan 3 Ooi Mei Xuan


Wakil Sesi Petang Chow Kai Yi


Ajk Biasa 1 Tan Yee Lin


Ajk Biasa 2 Tan Kye Xing