Standing Tall: Aneta Selvaraj

One look at Aneta Selvaraj and you wouldn’t believe she is only 13 this year. Standing at 170cm tall, this lanky lass from SMK Convent Klang has not only her height that catches people’s attention.

She is one of the top scorers in the UPSR exams last year, attaining 5 straight A’s. Her other academic achievements include winning Maths Quiz in 2003, Chess Tournament in 2004 and last year, she was one of the members whose team was 3rd place in the MSSD Klang Choral Speaking Competition.

All Rounder

Not only is she involved in academic competitions, she is also very active in sports as well. Her two major commitments are taekwondo and tennis. Over the last few years, she has won numerous taekwondo and tennis tournaments which some were of district and state level.

In 2005 alone, Aneta participated in 4 taekwondo tournaments and a host of tennis tournaments. She brought home 3 golds and 1 bronze out of the 4 taekwondo tournaments which include MSSD Klang and MSS Selangor Taekwondo Tournament. She was also awarded the overall champion in the MPPJ/STA Junior Monthly Medal Master for her domination in the tennis game. In the state level, Aneta bagged the gold medal in the doubles event of MSS Selangor Tennis Championship and bronze in the singles event.

Fruits of Her Hard Labour

Her accomplishment in both sports won her the “Anugerah Khas Cemerlang Ko-Kurikulum)” which was awarded by her school last year. All these achievements did not come easy. They were all fruits of her hard labour. When asked about her weekly schedule, Aneta says she attends tuition classes 3 times a week, taekwondo trainings 4 times a week and tennis trainings twice a week.

Hectic Schedule

It is a very tough and exhausting schedule but Aneta does not complain and realizes how the hectic timetable has helped her achieve what she has today. She has her parents to thank for their undivided love and attention. She is also grateful to her teachers, friends and coaches for their support.

Aneta hopes to maintain her current form or further improve herself in both academic and sports field. She is looking forward to win more gold medals in future and hopes to enter the National Squad some day. She is definitely someone to look out for and Power Sport Academy hopes other members will follow and learn from her. All the best, Aneta!


Article was written in May 2006