12th Power Sport Taekwondo Championship 2012

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The countdown to the 12th Power Sport Taekwondo Championship has begun… 1 more day to go. I can feel the excitement already in the air in all the schools we go.

Venue: SRJK Pandamaran B, Port Klang.

Useful reminders and pointers for the first-timers:

1.   Briefing of participants will be at 8.00 am sharp. Therefore you have to be there 10-15 minutes before 8, as your coach would want to meet with you first. Please do not be late.
2.   Have a good breakfast before you come. Clear your bowels otherwise you will not feel comfortable when you fight.
3.   Do not  forget to bring your uniform, belt and all your protective gears. You will not be allowed in the ring without the protective gears! Please ensure your name is clearly written on all your gears.
4.   Kicking to the head is totally prohibited, and can cause your points to be deducted. Player who intentionally kicks to the head will be disqualified.
5.   Always remember to bow to your coach first when you enter the ring before every match.
6.   When you’re in the ring, your eyes must be focussed on your opponent. Do not turn around to see your coach. Just open your ears to hear what the coach tells you. Remember, your eyes must always be on your opponent! Do not be distracted by your parents or friends who will be supporting you from the side line outside the ring.
7.   Have confidence in yourself. Do not fear your opponent. If your opponent wears a higher grade belt than you doesn’t mean he is going to beat you in the game.
8.   Whether you win or lose, be the first to extend your hand to your opponent. Congratulate him if he wins, or tell him, “You fought well too” if he loses. Remember to bow to his coach too before you come out of the ring.
9.   Never, never argue with the referees. It reflects poorly on your character. The Head of Court is there to see that everything is fair.
10.  Should you lose in a semi-final, do not go home yet. Stay back to receive your bronze medal. And if you lose in a quarter final, please stay back too to watch the grand performance by the Power Sport Demo Team which will be around 11.15 am.
11.  Last but not least, please collect your souvenir magazine and certificate from the recorders’ table before you leave.

Power Sport Parents Support Team will be selling food and drinks there on that day. The fund raised from the event would be used for the year end gathering in December 2012

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