SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam, 2015

Submitted by:
Aareena binti Aidi (4 SCT 1)
Vice Secretary,
Taekwondo Club of SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam.


Training is fun at SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam.

Nowadays, the rate of criminal activities has shot up prodigiously. According to the police sources, people get attacked every day and this continues to ascend. This causes people to feel petrified or insecure when they go out even for a stroll in the park.


Full Committee, Morning & Afternoon Session

SMK Seksyen 9 offers a club called the Taekwondo Club to its students. This club was established way back when the school just opened its door. It is exceedingly astonishing how this club has produced citizens who can take first step precaution before help comes.


Playful but discipline

What makes this club different from other clubs is that, it is held on every Saturday from 8.15 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. and it is the only club that proffers self-defense lessons to be used in everyday’s life. We are taught by the most stalwart instructors, Mr. Leong Yong Wah and Mr. Yap Ping Hong. As a representative of the club, I would like to take this golden opportunity to give both instructors our greatest gratitude.


President in action. She was also last year MSSD Champion


Afternoon session committee

Its motto, ‘Discipline matters and excellence counts’, this Taekwondo club also educates the members to have great discipline in everything they do whether in studies or training.

Throughout the years that we have been learning the martial arts, Mr. Leong and Mr. Yap do not just only teach us to have high discipline, but they also instill self-confidence in everything we do. To add on, our club is not just a club, we are a family. We laugh at each other’s jokes, we watch each other’s back, we train together and we win together.

People always have this thought of ‘Why trouble yourself to get up on Saturday morning and go for training every single week while you can just lie in bed, sleeping like a log?’ Well, we have this to say to them, ‘Taekwondo is our passion and for that, any obstacle that comes in our way, we will bring it down together!’ Yes, it is true, Taekwondo is all about passion. Passion is what has kept us coming for training every week without fail!

Mr. Leong and Mr. Yap are two very fun instructors to learn with. They are both that kind of instructors who would come to you, one to one and show you the correct techniques. Mr. Leong knows how to brighten up your day with his funny jokes and sayings. Mr. Yap is very firm and particular in everything he says and does, yet soft at heart.

Lastly, to the dedicated members, let us stand tall and let give our full support to our club, the Taekwondo Club of SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam. Not to forget!! The new members! Hello! Welcome to the club! We know, the training is a little bit hardcore but trust us, it is worth it! Worthy things do not come easy, right?!

Let us make 2015 as a memorable and an unforgettable year for all of us!

To view more pics, CLICK HERE.

Written by,

Aareena binti Aidi (4 SCT 1)

Vice Secretary,

Taekwondo Club of SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam.


TAHUN 2015


Penaung                    : En. Abdul Hakim @ Abdul Khakin bin Samuri
Naib Penaung         : Pn. Norani binti Husain
Penyelaras               : Encik Govindan A/L Kanapathy
Guru Penasihat       : Cik Lahazmani binti Mohammed
                             : Puan Noryusra binti Mohd. Naim


Pengerusi              : Aisyah binti Zulkefli                                                                         5 SC 2

Naib Pengerusi       : Mohd. Firdaus bin Zulkefli                                                             5 IK 1

Setiausaha             : Nur Liyana binti Shamsuddin                                                        5 SC 1

Naib Setiausaha      : Aareena binti Aidi                                                                            4 SCT 1

Bendahari             : Aisyah Khaliesah binti Khairul Anuar                                          5 SC 3

Naib Bendahari     : Abdul Rahim bin Abdul Rahman                                                    5 SC 1

AJK                     : Muhd. Amirul Nazrin bin Mohd. Zulkifli                                      5 SC 3

                         : Juani bin Nor Azam                                                                              5 SC 3

                          : Muhammad Aqil bin Shahril Najmiddin                                         4 SC 3

                          : Mubin bin Muhd. Loqman                                                                  4 PA 1

                         : Izzan bin Abdul Malek                                                                          3 KRK 1

                         : Rania Farzana binti Azmi                                                                     3 KRK 2

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