2nd Power Sport Training Camp 2011

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Report on 2nd Training Camp 2011

Date: 27, 28, & 29 December 2011
Venue: Sunshine Camp, Port Dickson

Submitted by: Sharanie Patmanathan

The 2nd Power Sport Training Camp was organised by Mr. Yap Ping Soon and Mr. Tan Kien Tat. It was a three day camp participated by 26 members from various school and five helpers. We were divided into five groups in which put in a lot of effort to spilt us from our friends. The camp was filled with action-packed training and games that was aim to encourage to mix around with one another from different schools and to work together as a team.

The training was no doubt tough. Training by the beach side and in the water was a totally a different experience for most of us. Moreover, we also learned to appreciate the comfort of the fan and the mat that has been provided for us at our respective training centres as on the first day training we were accompanied by the blazing sun while on the second day the rain and wind trained along with us. On the other hand, the games were something I think all of us have to admit was creative and challenging not only physically but also mentally. The winning team for each competition was given an opportunity to challenge the organizing team in order to accumulate more points for the team. The highlight of the whole camp was our camp fire. We were allowed to trade in our points which we had accumulated throughout the camp for snacks. As the organizer gave us clue on what the kind of snack it may be the teams were allowed to bid for it and of course the highest bidder won.

Sunshine Camp, our home during this camp was located not from the beach. On the first day, lunch was provided and barbeque for dinner. However, on the second day we had to cook for ourselves based on what we were given. Overall, it was an priceless experience for all of us. Last but not least, thank you Mr. Yap and Mr. Tan for organizing such an amazing camp! For those who miss it out, you missed a whole lot of fun!

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