Tenby International Primary Schools

A few weeks ago, when I went to sign in at the office, Mr. Lee Tiong Hui, Tenby CCA/Sport Officer, let me in some info which was a real encouragement to us. He told me that parents were very happy with the way we were handling the class and he praised us for doing a good job. I could swear I blushed that very moment (I always feel awkward especially with unexpected compliments) and was overjoyed at the same time.

The Tenby International Schools taekwondo club started off with a humble beginning of about 30 members in April 2009, the majority of whom were from the primary school. Initially, the primary and the secondary students were training together in the school auditorium.

Each semester the club saw a steady increase in membership, and was one of the CCA activities that was pulling in the crowd, according to Mr. Lee.  Our membership grew from 30 to 50, then from 50 to 70. He came one day during one of our training sessions to  observe and also to find out for himself what was so interesting in our training that was drawing the students in.

This semester, anticipating a good response, we decided to have separate training day for the primary and secondary. The training time for the primary remains on Thursday, while the secondary is on Friday. However, the students are still given the options to select any of the training day most convenient  to them.

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