Taekwondo Training at Convent Klang, 3rd Feb 2013

_DSC8300Beginning this year the Convent Klang Taekwondo class changed its training schedule to every Sunday, from 7.30 am – 8.45 am. For the past few Sundays at the crack of dawn, it was really heartening to see them coming faithfully,…what more on early Sunday morning when it would be so much easier to stay in bed. What actually spurs them, I sometimes wonder. What is there in the training that they are so caught up in? Why such passion?

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SMK Convent Klang by Casovia Khoo

The Taekwondo Club of SMK Convent Klang has their training every Saturday morning, from 7.30am to 8.45am. It is either held in the school hall, Dewan SriKandi, the basketball court, or the Dataran Puteri.

Puan Yogeswari has faithfully been the teacher adviser all these years for the Taekwondo Club. The committee members for this year consists of Casovia Khoo, Kashmini Hilda, Nur Sabrina, Lim Zhi Ying, Yu Lee Sze, Premawaty Kumar, Chang Ying Yee, Jaspreet Kaur, Nurul Izzati, Yoshini Kathleen, Trisha Ganan, Darsyana, and Thew Xue Er, all of which have been voted on the first committee meeting held.

Casovia Khoo
President 2011

Committee 2011

President             : Casovia Khoo
Vice-president      : Kashmini Hilda
Secretary            : Nur Sabrina
Asst-secretary     : Lim Zhi Ying
Treasurer            : Yu Lee Sze
Biro keceriaan     : i) Premawaty
ii) Chang Ying Yee
Quarter Mistress : Jaspreet Kaur
Form Reps 5      : Nurul Izzati
4      : Yoshini Kathleen
3      : Trisha Ganan
2      : Darsyana
1       : Thew Xue Er

SMK Convent Klang by Lau Shin Wei


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The SMK Convent Klang Taekwondo Club is a small club with a membership of around 40, but do not be misled by the numbers. Although we have only about 40 members, every member work closely together as a team. The success of our sport demo attested to our good team work.

Training is held every week on saturday morning 7.30am till 8.45am. Mdm. Yeap Swee Bee is the instructor in our school’s taekwondo club, assisted by Mr. Yap Ping Soon and Mr. Tan Seng Huat.

I would like to thank Mdm. Yeap Swee Bee for her love and care towards every member. I hope our club would be able to grow into a stronger club in SMK Convent.

Lau Shin Wei
SMK Convent Klang

SMK Convent Committee 2010

President        : Niroshini 5K – 019-2212534
Vice President : Casovia Khoo 4E – 012-3197525
Secretary        : Lau Shin Wei 5K – 016-2909795
Asst Secretary: Nur Sabrina 4K – 017-3990248
Noticeboard    : Elaine Nisha 3K – 014-2348070
Equipment      : Premawathy 4E  – 012-7736118
Committee  F5: Sashana 5L  – 017-6962624
                  F4: Yu Lee Sze 4K  – 03-33234052
                  F3: Kashmini 3K  – 016-9759748
                  F2: Manoranjini 2K  – 012-6916544
                  F1: Low Mian Ying 1A  – 03-33233156
Teacher Advisors: Pn. Yogeswary d/o Subramaniam
                         : Pn. Jeyaananthi d/o Rajintran
Instructors: Mdm Yeap Swee Bee, 6th dan
                 Mr. Yap Ping Soon, 4th dan
                 Mr. Tan Seng Huat, 2nd dan