SMK BU3 Committee 2020

BU3 committee 2020

Pengerusi: Ethan Richard
Penolong Pengerusi: Qamil Mirza
Setiausaha: Tengku Putri
Penolong Setiausaha: Chiou Hau Thieng
Bendahari: Liew Teng Jun
Penolong Bendahari: Alyssa Tang
Juruaudit: Chiou Hau Yie
Ajk Tingkatan
1) Ellie Pang
2) Tang Shi Xuan
3) Chai Jen Hong
4) Tan Hui Zhe
5) Andrea Lim

Ajk Kecerian: Matilda Chiou, Najwa, Afrina
Ajk Demo: Charlene Fan, Nicholas
Ajk Kebersihan: Alexander Low, Tan Geng Guan

MSSD Report for SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 3, P.J.

Submitted by : Quah Yuan Shin, Assistant Secretary of the Taekwondo Club, SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3), PJ.

Report for Taekwondo MSSD 2014

image-5The Taekwondo MSSD event was held on the 17th April 2014, from 8:00AM until 9:00PM held at Dewan D’Kelana. There were 43 students participated in this event. The students were asked to gather in the school at 7:00AM and the bus left for Dewan D’Kelana around 7:15AM after the student’s attendance were taken.

When the members arrived at the hall, they left their bags and then went into the sparring rink and took their warm-ups there. Then, the members went to the tennis court outside the hall to continue to warm themselves up. When the bout listcame out, the students who participated the sparring event rushed towards the list and searched for their names and took down the number of bouts they have to spar. Not long after, our Taekwondo instructor, Mr. Yap, gathered everyone who took part of the sparring event and double checks the member’s bout numbers and introduced another coach from his training center that is going to help to coach our members on that day.

image-3image-2The event started off with the poomsae event which requires the member to remember their taekwondo taegeuk (patterns) they learn from taegeuk 7 until koryo. A few of our members took part in that event. The guy’s and girls under 15 sparring event took place at the same time.

While the poomsae event is going on, one by one the members prepare themselves with their guards and gears 5 bouts before their game. They also did warm ups before they went in to the rink to spar. They were suppose to spar for one and a half minute for the first round, rest for 30 seconds and continue to spar for another one and a half minute and that is the end of the match.

Towards the end of the MSSD event, we had the prize giving ceremony and 13 members from our school won medals during this event. For the poomsae category, our student, Yap Jia Cheng won silver and Marcus Ang won bronze for that event. Also, for the girls under-15 category, our student Tey Hsein Chyii won gold for her category. For the guys under-15, Chan Fan Bin, won gold, Marcus Ang won silver and Ong Chun Pin won bronze for sparring event. For girls under-18, Chan Yu T’ng, Tan Yin Ying, Tang Pey Yng and Pang Kar Mei won gold for their sparring event. Also, Chee Huey Cher and Nur Liyana won silver for the sparring event. Also, Beh Yee Shyen and Phang Kai Ying won bronze for the sparring event.

Lastly, SMK BUD(3) went back with victory as the overall champion for several consecutive years. I would say that the members who took part learnt a lot from this competition. This improves their sportsmanship and they gain new experience.

Submitted by:
Quah Yuan Shin,
Assistant Secretary of the Taekwondo Club,
SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3),
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 3, P.J. 2014

Submitted by: Chin Yee Ching,
Secretary of SMK Bandar Utama Damasara 3, P.J. Taekwondo Club

BU3_04It’s now my fifth year being in SMK BUD(3)’s Taekwondo Club, and now that I think about it, I realise time really flies before our eyes. I can still remember clearly how it was like when I first joined Taekwondo during 2010 when I was Form 1. And to think that now I’m here, writing this as the secretary of our club… Time really flies. Throughout the years, our club has been improving rapidly, and the number of students who are interested to join have also increased greatly as the years go by.

BU3_01“What makes the students so interested in joining our Taekwondo Club?” That’s what everybody asks. Truthfully, which sport if none other than Taekwondo can blend discipline with fun during training? Taekwondo is not just a sport, it exposes and subjects us to strict BU3_02discipline, leadership and teamwork and at the same time develops our strength, speed, flexibility, BU3_03balance, stamina and self-awareness. It builds up our confidence and gives us a boost of faith in ourselves.

What makes Taekwondo training fun? Of course it’s because we have a pair of professional instructors. Fun, friendly, patient and caring, they are none other than Master Yap Ping Soon and Master Tan Kien Tat. Both of them have shown great passion in teaching and guiding us. They always push us to our limits so we can improve and be better. Through them, we’ve gained much perseverance and we’ve acknowledged that when there’s no pain, there’s no gain.

Anyway, we all know that teamwork is important, and through events like Sports Day or Hari Koko when we are required to make a performance, we learn how to work together as a team and gain experience from it. Taekwondo makes us an all-rounder, one who not only excels in sports but also has discipline and team spirit in us. Together we have grown closer to each other through the sharing of experiences in various events and also in the midst of overcoming new challenges. One thing I’m sure of is that I’ll never regret joining Taekwondo because thanks to it, I’ve learned to get back up when I fall and not just stay down there forever.

Last but not least, on behalf of all the members, I would like to thank our teacher in charge Puan Kee, our instructors, and of course all the members of the committee who have put a lot of effort in making this club a success. Thank you so much.

Chin Yee Ching
Secretary of SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 3, P.J. Taekwondo Club

Taekwondo AJK 2014 List

Pengerusi :       Pang Kar Mei                                          5 Orkid
Naib Pengerusi : Chan Yu T’ng                                      5 Mawar
Setiausaha : Chin Yee Ching                                            5 Orkid
Naib Setiausaha : Quah Yuan Shin                                5 Teratai
Bendahari :  Boey Xue Ling                                             5 Mawar
Naib Bendahari : Nur Azhani Nazifa binti Azhar        5 Mawar
Juruaudit : Yap Jia Cheng                                                5 Seroja

AJK Kebersihan :
Bryan Chan Chuing Seang            5 Orkid
Siew Ka Wai                                       5 Orkid

Demonstrasi :
Lim Jun Hui                                             4 Orkid
Ang Kah Hoe, Marcus                          3 Mawar
Chan Fan Bin                                           3 Mawar

Photographer : Chee Zhen                5 Mawar

Storekeeper :
Ng Wi Vern                                                5 Mawar
Wong Joe                                                   5 Kenanga

AJK Tingkatan :
Form 1 : Navin Sivakumar                      1 Orkid
Form 2 : Ng Zhen Hao                             2 Teratai
Form 3 : Jeremy Khoo                             3 Mawar
Form 4 : Milvert Ling Yi Song                4 Orkid
Form 5 : Tan Yin Ying                              5 Seroja

SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 3, P.J. (2013)

                    Duty Roster : Jan – May 2013

SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 3, P.J.    2013

Submitted by Chan Yu T`ng

DSC_0495Taekwondo, an Olympic Sport since 2000 is a Korean martial art and the national sport of South Korea. It is known to be the world’s most popular martial art in terms of number of practitioners.
We are proud to say that our taekwondo club had performed well in the past few years. It seems that we always get the loudest applause on the Hari Koko and Sports Day performances. Some students even classified our demonstration as the most in demand and exciting of all the performances.
DSC_0702Our members have been increasing steadily. Currently, we have 131 members and it is still growing. Training in our school taekwondo club is fun and enjoyable. We usually can’t wait to go for our weekly Wednesday training and hope that there could be more training sessions in a week.
Why we are so zealous about our Taekwondo training? It is because we have two friendly, joyful, young and of course handsome and most importantly professional instructors – Mr. Yap Ping Soon and Mr. Tan Kien Tat. Together with all the members who are most friendly and cooperative, we have grown closer to each other through DSC_0640the sharing of experiences and also overcoming new challenges.
Taekwondo exposes and subjects us to strict discipline, leadership and teamwork and at the same time develops our strength, speed, flexibility, balance, stamina and self-awareness. One thing I can say is because of taekwondo  I can now walk with confidence and poise and at peace with myself.
Last but not least, on behalf of all the members, I would like to thank the committee that had put in a lot of effort in making our club a successful one, not forgetting our instructors for teaching us well and also for making the lessons so much fun.

Chan Yu T’ng
Ass. secretary of SMKBU3 Taekwondo Club

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Committee 2013

Pengerusi                     :   Muhamad Azhan Fahmy bin Azhar           5 Mawar         012-3230773
Naib Pengerusi            :   Pang Kar Mei                                              4 Mawar         010-8965359
Setiausaha                   :   Wong Hui Shyen                                         5 Mawar         012-6496828
Penolong Setiausaha    :   Chan Yu T’ng                                             4 Orkid            016-2226402
Bendahari                    :   Stone Lee Yin Chuan                                  5 Kenanga       017-6720772
Penolong Bendahari    :   Chin Yee Ching                                           4 Orkid            016-2132802

AJK Tingkatan 1        :   Yong Yin                                                     1 Kenanga       017-9203798
AJK Tingkatan 2        :   Chan Fan Bin                                              2 Mawar         016-3285033
AJK Tingkatan 3        :   Lim Jun Hui                                                3 Mawar         019-3841513
AJK Tingkatan 4        :   Yap Jia Cheng                                             4 Seroja           012-6313699
AJK Tingkatan 5        :   Wong Kai Wern                                          5 Orkid            013-3207778

Ketua Kebersihan       :   Yap Mae Yen                                              5 Ixora             014-3669638

Naib K. Kebersihan    :   Ang Kah Hoe, Marcus                                2 Mawar         01128576060

Ketua Demonstrasi     :   Tan Ing Shen                                               3 Mawar         012-2988769

Naib K. Demonstrasi  :   Er Wen Feng                                               3 Teratai          012-3060122

SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 3, P.J. 2012

View pics taken on Feb 2012                      

Our taekwondo club has been running very smoothly year by year. It has shown an amazing increase in membership since the beginning of last year. What wonderful and productive years they had been.

The surging popularity of the club is attributed to a few factors. Firstly, it is a fun and healthy activity that blends together with self discipline. Our Taekwondo  club teaches its particular form of self defense. Through this progress of learning different techniques and skills ,the members are able to learn to discipline themselves. Taekwondo is not just on learning how to knock down the other guy. On the contrary, it teaches us to exercise self-control and respect for the opponents. Those who learn this, remain long with the club.

Well, what makes Taekwondo such a fun and worth joining activity? Taekwondo training at our school is awesome, we get to laugh all the time. The reason is that our school hired a pair of professional taekwondo instructors. They are the fun ,friendly and loving married couple Master Leong Yong Wah and  Madam Yeap Swee Bee. Both of them have shown great passion in teaching and guiding us throughout these years. The fun parts are where sometimes we get to listen some stories from them which motivates us and allow us learn from their experiences.

Finding a way of exercising in a fun and productive way? Joining  out Taekwondo club would be the right choice for you. Taekwondo stands alone in the martial arts world because of its focus on kicks to the head and lower-body flexibility. It focuses on cardiovascular fitness, while at the same time, is a beneficial workout for your muscles, especially those in your lower body. I promise if you stick to it and give your best effort each day you will see the changes. At the same time, we get to gain self confidence. Which ever way you look at it, it is a win-win situation for all provided that you accept the challenge.

All in all, I would say that it is through Taekwondo that we have gained much self confidence, perseverance and the strength to lead .The club has definitely played an important role in shaping young minds. On behalf all the members, I  would like to express our sincere gratitude towards all our instructors and teachers and we truly appreciate their efforts in making our club a successful one.

Liew Kah Yan
Secretary of SMKBU3 Taekwondo Club

SMK BU3 Taekwondo Club Committee 2012

President          – Ng Khai Hann              5 Mawar        012-2926692
Vice President   – Kong Mun Kay             5 Orkid          012-2091219

Secretary          –  Liew Kah Yan               5 Mawar       019-6609083
Ass. Secretary  –  Mohd Azhan Fahmy        4 Ixora         012-3230773

Treasurer          –  Ng Jia Qin                  5 Mawar      03-78858175
Ass. Treasurer  –  Lam Zhong Xian           5 Mawar       012-2838388

AJK Form 1     – Chang Chun Yeng       1 Kenanga     012-2919263
AJK Form 2      – Lim Jun Hui                2 Mawar       019-3841513
AJK Form 3      – Quan Yuan Shin          3 Teratai       017-2007995
AJK Form 4      – Wong Hui Shyen         4 Mawar       012-6496828
AJK Form 5      – Lim Andrea                 5 Ixora         012-2838388

AJK Cleanliness :
Er Wen Feng              2 Kenanga   012-3060122
Tan Ing Shen              2 Mawar       012-2988769

Teacher-in-charge: Pn. Gan