PSPST – Cameron Highlands Trip 2011

Rain, rain, rain in Cameron Highlands! But this does not break the Spirit of Powersport Parent support Team to continue their journey there with all the juniors.

It was raining pretty frequent making the weather rather cold, fortunately there were breaks in the raining pattern and we still managed to go some places like Water Crest Restaurant, Bringchang night market, Kea Farm morning market and Sg Palas Boh Tea Plantation.
The car jamming session was tiring too but the children managed to dance, to sing, to laugh and to enjoy before the day end.
Special thanks to,

1) Nafiz and Fara for our wonderful Dinner at Water Crest Restaurant.
2) Kim and Vicky for our joyful and sumptuous breakfast at Bringchang, Restaurant Sri Sentosa.
3) Ropathy & Kala for leading the team to Boh plantation.
4) Kumar & Rajes drove all the way up hill to join us despite dark and late night.
5) All the members who make this trip happenned.
6) Last but not least, Master Leong’s spirit that has always be with us .

Looking forward for our next outing.

Opphs.. I forgot about Leong Tuck Seng who drove us there without complaint despite the long jam..Terima Kasih ya..

Submitted by:
Charmaine Thor 

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