2nd Power Sport Taekwondo Instructors’ Course, a brief report

Submitted by: Ms Mandy Tee Mieng, a participant

_DSC8615In 2010, when Master Leong first organized the Instructor’s Course, I was devastated when I found out I wasn’t able to attend because I had to sit for a St John’s exam. This year, I was more than ecstatic to find out that he had organized another one and I somehow managed to squeeze my way in without getting rejected albeit I heard that he had to reject quite a number of other students because there were just too many of them who applied for the course.

_DSC8694This year’s 2nd Instructor’s Course started at 9.00am and ended at 6.00pm. The venue (Taman Chi Liung Public Center) was less than desirable because although it could fit the 45 students who attended and also the instructors, which were Mr. & Mrs. Leong, Mr Tan Kien Tat, Mr. Yap Ping Soon and Mr. Yap Ping Hong, it was also quite crammed. If Master Leong were to take every student who applied, we would all probably be like sardines in a can.

_DSC8626The events however, were well planned out and the course started with a short speech by 2 guests, Master Lim and Mr. Eric Chong. Master Lim talked about his success story about how Taekwondo has helped build his discipline which helped him become who he is now- a successful businessman/multi-millionaire. He also taught us that our fighting spirit derived from Taekwondo would contribute greatly to our lives because with this spirit, we would never back down from any obstacles that we might face. Mr. Eric Chong, on the other hand, taught us about the roles and responsibilities of an instructor and what to do and what not to do as an instructor.

_DSC8629Unfortunately, both the guests had to leave early and were not able to join us throughout the whole course. After their small speech, Mr. Yap Ping Soon took over and taught us about the importance of limbering and warm-ups. He taught us many types of stretching exercises which could not only reduce any potential injury but could also improve our flexibility. I’m sure I’ll be achieving a full split soon enough with these stretching!  😀

_DSC8616After stretching for a full 30 minutes, we moved on to doing basic stances and hand executions led by Mr. Yap Ping Hong. This is because to be instructors, we would first have to perfect our basic stances and movements. It would be very troublesome if we were to teach kids the wrong basics when we become instructors because as Mr. Leong said, “It is easy to plant a habit but extremely difficult to change it”.

_DSC8739By 1pm, my stomach was growling and begging for food. That was when Mr. Leong said, “You know what? Let’s put lunch at 3.15pm instead of 1.15pm”. Seeing our horrified expressions, Mrs. Leong then quickly said that he was only joking and so, we had my favourite chicken rice for lunch at 1.15pm! Who doesn’t love chicken rice, right?

_DSC8622After lunch, we watched a video of stances used in Taegueks and learnt how to express stances in Korean words, like Ap Seogi (walking stance) and etc. Oh, we also learnt how to say “thank you”(Kamsahamnida) and “I love you”(Saranghaeyo) in Korean too! Anyway, after the video session, we did Taegueks, which was led by Mr. Tan Kien Tat. It was very tiring as it takes a lot of patience but I believe it is very important for us to master Taegueks. If we don’t, imagine how embarrassing it would be if our juniors or students ask for help in their Taegueks and we’d have to look at them sheepishly and say those dreaded words, “I don’t know..”

At about 3.00pm it was time for us to rest and have teatime! Mrs Leong had been very scrupulous in making sure that everyone had enough snacks to eat. She brought coffee as well but later found out that some students didn’t like coffee and preferred Milo so she had to buy Milo from a convenience store nearby. However, the coffee proved to be more popular, probably because it was brewed with love and care by Miss Mandy (that’s me, haha), Mr. Yap Ping Soon and Mr. Tan Kien Tat.

_DSC8734After tea, we practised our Taegueks for another 1 hour before we moved on to class simulation. We were all divided into groups of 9 people and in each group, one person had to  act like an instructor while the rest of the group would pretend to be clueless little white belts. While the “instructor” teaches how to do punches or blocks, the “white belts” would make silly mistakes to see if the “instructor” would be able to spot and correct their mistakes. I think that was the best part of the whole course because we got to play around and learn at the same time.

_DSC8769I felt a bit heavy-hearted when the Instructor’s Course came to an end after taking some group photos. I had a really great time learning and laughing, meeting friends from other schools and drinking Mrs Leong’s Hazelnut White Coffee during teatime. I would definitely attend again if Master Leong plans to organize another one next year, and hopefully self-defence techniques would be included as well. 🙂

Submitted by:
Ms. Mandy Tee Mieng, one of the participants

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2nd Power Sport Instructors’ Course, 24th Feb 2013

Please be informed that we are organising our 2nd Instructors’ course in February 2013. It is open for Power Sport Black Belts only.

The details of the course are stated as below:

Date: 24th Feb 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm
Venue: Tentatively in Chi Liung Center Klang.
Course fees: RM 50.00 (including lunch and tea)


All our black belts who are interested are invited to send in their applications by 16th Feb 2013. Application forms maybe downloaded from the PSport Files folder on the right hand column. Only 30 will be selected to attend the course (first come first serve basis).
As I don’t have all your email addresses,  please help to pass the info to your black belt friends (from Power Sport).
Thank you.

1st Instructor Course 2010

A Taekwondo Instructors’ Course was recently held at SMKJ Kwang Hua, Klang. Organized by Power Sport Taekwondo Academy, the course had attracted as many as 90 participants that filled the open arena on the 27th June 2010.

The course, aimed for black belt students and current instructors was to strengthen the participants’ basics and to nurture up and coming instructors. “Apart from teaching them the proper basics, my other objectives in organizing this course is to expose them to the role and responsibilities of an instructor”, said Mr. Leong Yong Wah, technical director for the group.

The course covered many aspects of teaching the martial art, including role model, responsibilities of an instructor, limbering and warming up, basic stances and executions, kicks and taegeuk. The one day course was conducted in detail to ensure nothing was left out. Participants were also divided into groups for trial runs of instructing and conducting taekwondo classes.

The course was conducted by Mr. Leong Yong Wah and his wife Mdm Yeap Swee Bee. Both of them had been in this business for more than 30 years. Mr. Eric Chong, a very senior instructor himself assisted them in the course. Overall the course was a great success, judging by the feedback from the participants themselves. Some even suggested that the course be organized again but for a longer period such as 3 day 2 nights.

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