Power Sport Parents Support Team Hi-Tea Party


The PSPST recently organized a hi-tea party for members on 12th of December 2011 at Port Klang Golf Club. And what a way to bade farewell to 2011! The event was attended by almost 50 guests including the Master, Mr. and Mrs. Leong Yong Wah themselves. Organizing chairman , Mr. Kim Dreyer said that the attendance was above expectations as the committee has targeted only 30 guests. The party started at 5.00p.m. and even a heavy downpour did not dampen the spirits of the guests. The children

enjoyed the most as there were many games organized and they even had a great time playing golf at the driving range.

During the party, the committee also discussed about their plans to organize ‘Adopt A Poor Child PER Family” program whereby each parent can sponsor a talented poor child for his/her Taekwondo training program. The idea was met with a tremendous response from the parents where about 12 families agreed for the sponsorship and more to follow.

The party also saw new faces elected to the committee for 2012.

  • Madam President 1st half year: Charmaine
  • Madam President 2nd half year: Vicky
  • Secretary: Rajes
  • T-shirt: Ropathy and Ali
  • Shop: Ms Patma
  • Accountant: Kim

Finally many thanks to those who made PSPST a success in 2011 namely, Kim, Vicky, Charmaine, Leong, Ropathy, Kala, Kumar, Rajes and the cool and talented children who also a played a great part to this committee. Adios 2011 and see you all in 2012!


Thank You,

Submitted by:
Secretary 2012

Chi Liung Center Klang, 2012

Mandy and Mae Yuen had been training in the Chi Liung Center for at least 6 to 7 years now. Both are training hard as they are preparing themselves to go for their 2nd Dan test this coming April. Both have made remarkable improvement in terms of power and basic executions, but they are not about to ease up in their training schedule. They know what grueling test lies before them, and they want to get themselves in the best shape possible to face the challenges ahead.

One of the challenges they have to face is to spar with two partners instead of the usual one. Board breaking is the next. They have no qualms in breaking the boards with any techniques at all, but thinking about the sparring part with 2 partners  can make them quite jittery at times because it would be a completely different experience all together.

The challenge does not stop here. In fact, before the test, they have to do a physical which include a 2.4 km run, pushups, sit-ups, leg-raises, hyper-extension and squat jumps. Of course, all these will be done a day or two earlier.

Another member worth mentioning is Daniel Chee. Ever since, he joins the center training a year or two ago, my wife and I have noticed a significant improvement in his kicks. Syabas, Daniel, keep it up!

See here, how they train together with other fellow members every Friday, from 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm.

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SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam, 2012

A decade has passed since the formation of the SMK Seksyen 9 Taekwondo Club. Since then, names have risen among our ranks and honour has been bestowed upon our school more than a few times. Following that, our members have been steadily increasing and on this year of 2012, our numbers reached a point unlike any year before.

Moreover, we owe a big appreciation to our stern yet loving instructor, Master Leong for the knowledge, discipline and the mentality of a martial artist he instilled in us. Although, we are not the best-mannered students in the world, Master Leong and Mr. Yap Ping Hong handle us with patience and teach us this awesome korean martial art earnestly. They set the perfect example for us in achieving excellence, both physically and mentally.

To our new members, welcome; to our old and committed members, welcome back! To the latter, a great thank you is offered as well. Another year full of fun and excitement as well sore limbs awaits you… Our Taekwondo training starts at 8.15 Saturday morning.

Submitted by:
Mohd. Syafiq Malek
Taekwondo Club, SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam. 

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Committee 2012

Penaung                : En. Abdul Hakim @ Abdul Khakin b. Samuri

Naib Penaung         : Pn. Norani bt. Husain

Guru Penasihat
: Pn. Thinaharadevi Arumugam
: Datin Noorulhuda bt. Dimyati
: Pn. Sabarita bt. Ghazali

Pengerusi             : Mohd Syazreen b. Mohd Suhaimi               5 STM

Naib Pengerusi      : Siti Safuah bt. Razak                                5 IK 1

Setiausaha           : Mohd Syafiq b. Malek                                4 SC 1

Naib Setiausaha    : Lee Kwang Yau                                        4 SC 2

Bendahari             : Danial b. Abdul Rahman                            4 SC 2

Naib Bendahari      : Suraya bt. Muhd Loqman                          5 STE

: Stephanie Chin Hui Lin                                   5 SIK
: Nadhine Teo Shiu Fern                                   5 SIK
: Raja Roza Athirah bt. Raja Aznir Shah                4 SC 1
: Izneer bt. Ikmal Hakimi                                   4 SC 1
: Ainin Sofea bt. Zulpakar                                  3 KRK 1
: Iman Nurhanis bt. Shahruddin                          3 KRK 2

SK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam, 2012

This year 2012, SK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam Taekwondo Club saw an increase in membership. About 50 over new members signed up, and about half of them are from ‘Tahap 1’.

The good response is mainly due to the support given by the school and the PIBG. Ever since last year when the PIBG took the taekwondo club under its wing, we have been relieved of much stress and hence we can be more focused with our classes.

Last Saturday, we took some pictures of them for our record, and at the same time I also posed a question to some of the seniors, and the rookies as well.

My question to them was simply, ” Why do you want to learn taekwondo?”

It’s heartening to hear their answers. Most of them replied that they want to learn taekwondo to protect themselves, their family and also their friends. What a benevolent attitude! And coming from such young minds! I was thrilled, and I vowed to myself that I would do everything I could to ensure that they master the skills and be able to achieve what they had set out to do.

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SK Taman Megah, P.J. 2012

Introducing the SK Taman Megah, P.J. ‘s new taekwondo members for 2012.
Almost 2 months had passed now since they started their first class on 5th January 2012. Faithfully they will come, week after week immediately after their school without fail. And with them they bring along their enthusaism which is contagious. This is what makes our lives as instructors more fascinating.

Every Thursday, time: 1.15 pm – 2.15 pm

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What a beautiful way to begin the day!

I have a feeling that this is going to be a good day. I woke up early in the morning, and I saw this on Facebook…Atticus practicing his taeguek! What a beautiful way to begin your day. If every student practices like you do Attticus, my hair will not turn grey so fast! 🙂 Keep up the good word, Atticus! My wife and I are proud of you.