More info on the Treasure hunt…

The Power Sport Parent Support Team is organising a treasure hunt for all our kids at Taman Botanic Negara, Shah Alam (formerly known as Bukit Cerakah). Registration fees is only RM15.00 inclusive of entrance fee, amphitheatre, treasure hunt, and 3 bottles of drinking water. Food is on your own. Closing date: 15 Dec 2014.

Treasure Hunt on 28 Dec 2014

Submitted by Kim Dreyer


Date: 28th of December 2014

Venue: Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam (Bukit Cerakah)

Price  including:

  • RM15 per person (4 years and above)
  • Entrance
  • Amphitheatre
  • 3 bottle of water
  • Treasure hunt


  • Parking
  • Food (You can bring your own food)

We need to pre-book the bike:

  • The price for a bike for the first hour is RM10
  • Additional hour is RM1
  • Or you can bring your own for free.

Deadline for registration and booking bikes: 15th of December 2014

  • You can make a group up to max 4 people/friends.

(Families with small kids can be excepted)

  • Booking and fees can be done by the Masters or the grading at Klang or Shah Alam

For more information visit:

0800 Meet at the parking area for registration

0830 Park open

0900 Treasure hunt starts

???? End of treasure hunt is depend of how many teams are coming.

???? You can now use the bike you have pre-booked or try other activities.

More to come!

Submitted by

Kim Dreyer

Taekwondo Sponsor A Child Program…

Submitted by: Charmaine Thor, PSPST Member

IMG_21408th March 2014 (Sat)  mark the day of change for 3 special angels.

1). Kavynash A/L Siva (Std 6) from SK La Salle Klang

2) Thinesh Suntharalimgam (Std 6) from SK La Salle Klang

3) Ishvardeep Kaur Hans (Std 5) from SK Convent Klang

IMG_2136We are honored and delighted to have Mdm Yeoh the Principal of Convent Klang , Master Leong Yong Wah and Mdm Yeap Swee Bee as our special guest to present the certificate and uniform to the chosen ones during the event .Some basic criteria are taken into consideration of the chosen i.e single parents, lower range income but committed parents. Those children were all sponsored by the Power Sport Parents Support Team with the classes, grading, uniform and tournament fees. Thanks to the effort of Power Sport Parents support team’s Leader Mr Kim Dryer & Mr  Ropathy Ramanathan, they have call upon volunteers/parents to sponsor on children that are interested in Martial Art Taekwondo and personally attended the screening for the qualified three.

We, PSPST are also very proud and honored to have these students in the Power Sports Taekwondo Academy and hope they would enjoy and also be committed throughout their taekwondo career. From  PSPST members we wish the chosen ones all the best and hope they would succeed in the future.