Power Sport Taekwondo Poomsae Team

A group of students from the Klang, Shah Alam and P.J. district gather twice weekly, and for 3 hours each session to fine-tune their basics for the 1st Taekwondo Malaysia National Poomsae Championships 2011.

Date of Championship: 19th – 20th March 2011
Time: 8.00 am to 6.30 pm
Venue: Sports Arena, Wisma OCM, K.L.

Here’s the list of our members specially groomed for this Poomsae Championships.

Individual Event:
Junior 1 – Male : 1.  Leong Harn
2.  Ng Jing Fu
3.  Thinaesh Manoharan

Junior 1 – Female : 1. Ng Jing Hui
2.  Tio May Lin

Junior 2 – Female : 1.  Chang Seh Li
2.  Chin Kar San
3.  Klaudia Beverly Tot
4.  Woo Ching Xie
5.  Michelle Chan Su Jia

Senior 1 – Male : 1.  Tan Kien Tat
2.  Chong Geeng Jun

Senior 1 – Female : 1.  Kadine Bianca Tot
2.  Aneta a/p Selvaraj
3.  Hillary Ang Yee Tung
4.  Woo Ching Yie

Pair Event (Male and Female):
Junior 1 : Male – Thinaesh Manoharan
Female – Ng Jing Hui

Senior 1 :  Male – Tan Kien Tat
Female – Aneta Selvaraj

Team Event
Senior 1 (Female)
i.   Kadine Bianca Tot
ii.  Hillary Ang Yee Tung
iii. Woo Ching Yie

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