SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam by Adreana and Sandy Chin


Here in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seksyen 9, our Taekwondo Club had been operating for almost over a decade now. (I wonder how old that makes Master Leong?) Standing strong for so many years, our club has been increasing in members throughout time.

A huge bundle of hugs and kisses to Master Leong for guiding us and teaching us of more than just martial arts but also the discipline and mentality of a true martial artist while fulfilling the important concept behind “Tae Kwon Do”. Eventhough we get playful and naughty sometimes, he still handles us with loads of patience. Personally, that is where I learn to be patient. He is not only an instructor, he is THE INSTRUCTOR leading our paths to excellence, physically and mentally.

To the very committed members, thank you for helping us stand proud and strong for so long. ‘Early to bed, early to rise’ is what we have in mind for our Saturday morning Tae Kwon Do routine.

Sandy Chin & Adreana Shaheera
President   &    Secretary

Committee 2011

President              : Sandy Chin Kar San                       5SC2
Vice President      : Suraya Binti Mohd Loqman             4STE
Secretary             : Adreana Shaheera Binti Andri          5SIK
Asst. Secretary     : Nadhine Teo Sheu Fern                  4SIK
Treasurer             : Noor Nadheerah Binti Mohd. Nasir   5SC1
Asst. Treasurer     : Stephanie Chin Hui Lin                   4SIK
AJK Form 5          : Nur Amirah Binti Zulkifli                   5IK2
AJK Form 4          : Mohd Syazreen Bin Mohd Suhaimi  4STM
AJK Form 3          : Mohd Syafiq Bin Malek                   3KRK1

Afternoon Session :

President           : Ryan Teo Han Xuan                        2G
Vice President   : Yasmin Binti Mohd Loqman             2KRK
Secretary          : Iman Nurhanis Binti Shahruddin        2H
Treasurer          : Thana Jamal Bt Jamaluddin Ahmad   2E
AJK Form 2       : Mohammad Azrai B Azmi
: Intan Shahira Bt Abdul Halim            2KRK
AJK Form 1      : Abdul Rahim B Abdul Rahman          1KRK1
: Aisyah Bt Zulkifli

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