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We have been teaching martial arts longer than we can remember. Granted, not all the time are bed of roses for us. Some of the students can be very trying at times. But nothing thrills us more than to see them improved eventually, not technically alone, but also to become more responsible and discipline in life. Here are some fine shining examples from SK La Salle Klang, and we are proud of everyone of them.

We have been teaching martial arts longer than we can remember. Granted, not all the time are bed of roses for us. Some of the students can be very trying at times. But nothing thrills us more than to see them improved eventually, not technically alone, but also to become more responsible and discipline in life. Here are some fine shining examples from SK La Salle Klang, and we are proud of everyone of them.

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1st National Poomsae Championships 2011

The 1st National Poomsae Championships 2011 is just over, hotly contested by over 300 participants. Although, we expected 2 golds, we had to be contented with some bronzes. Our members are all first timers to such competition, competing with many experienced players, some of whom even had international exposure. Some of our members lost in the semi-finals.

Congratulations to Kadine, Hillary and Ching Yie who won a bronze medal each (4th placing) in the team event under the Senior 1 Female category; Thinaesh and Jing Hui who won a bronze medal each (4th placing) in the pair event under the Junior 1 category.

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Resuming of class, SK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam

SK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam Taekwondo club was almost closed down this year. Thanks to En. Ahmad Redza, the YDP PIBG, the club was allowed to continue under the school PIBG supervision. On behalf on the students, we would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to En. Redza. We and the children are truly indebted to him for all that he had done.
Here are some shots taken during the recent school holidays. See their enthusiasm despite almost half of the class went on holidays. One just can’t imagine how they would be affected if the club were closed down.

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SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam by Adreana and Sandy Chin


Here in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seksyen 9, our Taekwondo Club had been operating for almost over a decade now. (I wonder how old that makes Master Leong?) Standing strong for so many years, our club has been increasing in members throughout time.

A huge bundle of hugs and kisses to Master Leong for guiding us and teaching us of more than just martial arts but also the discipline and mentality of a true martial artist while fulfilling the important concept behind “Tae Kwon Do”. Eventhough we get playful and naughty sometimes, he still handles us with loads of patience. Personally, that is where I learn to be patient. He is not only an instructor, he is THE INSTRUCTOR leading our paths to excellence, physically and mentally.

To the very committed members, thank you for helping us stand proud and strong for so long. ‘Early to bed, early to rise’ is what we have in mind for our Saturday morning Tae Kwon Do routine.

Sandy Chin & Adreana Shaheera
President   &    Secretary

Committee 2011

President              : Sandy Chin Kar San                       5SC2
Vice President      : Suraya Binti Mohd Loqman             4STE
Secretary             : Adreana Shaheera Binti Andri          5SIK
Asst. Secretary     : Nadhine Teo Sheu Fern                  4SIK
Treasurer             : Noor Nadheerah Binti Mohd. Nasir   5SC1
Asst. Treasurer     : Stephanie Chin Hui Lin                   4SIK
AJK Form 5          : Nur Amirah Binti Zulkifli                   5IK2
AJK Form 4          : Mohd Syazreen Bin Mohd Suhaimi  4STM
AJK Form 3          : Mohd Syafiq Bin Malek                   3KRK1

Afternoon Session :

President           : Ryan Teo Han Xuan                        2G
Vice President   : Yasmin Binti Mohd Loqman             2KRK
Secretary          : Iman Nurhanis Binti Shahruddin        2H
Treasurer          : Thana Jamal Bt Jamaluddin Ahmad   2E
AJK Form 2       : Mohammad Azrai B Azmi
: Intan Shahira Bt Abdul Halim            2KRK
AJK Form 1      : Abdul Rahim B Abdul Rahman          1KRK1
: Aisyah Bt Zulkifli

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SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 3, P.J. by Chang Seh Li

Duty Roster, 2011


SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 3, P.J.

Hey students 🙂 I’m Sally, the newbie secretary of smkbud (3). Our Taekwondo Club in SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 3, continues to attract more new members, especially those who just came in from Form One. Again, I like to answer the familiar question (as was also posted last year):- “Why are there so many members?”

The number one reason is our school had hired a pair of professional taekwondo instructors. They are so popular that eventhough I did not mention their names but you already knew who they are. They are the cute , young and loving married couple Master Leong Yong Wah & Mdm Yeap Swee Bee. Recently Master Leong painted his favourite thumb nail with black nail polish by accident(actually he hurt his finger by accidently slamming it on the door, yet to recover). Plus, we also have a young-funny-handsome instructor which caught a lot of attention to the girls. He is Mr.Yap Ping Soon, still single and available I guess. Why don’t you ask him yourself?

The instructors in our school are the best. They taught us what exactly is taekwondo, discipline , building up leadership, teamwork and so on. Taekwondo training at our school is FUN, we get to laugh all the time. Whats so special about our club? We get to LOSE WEIGHT by just training kicks and punches.LOL! For girls, no need to spend lots of money just to get slim at slimming centres, come to our school and learn taekwondo for just RM25 per month 🙂 Girls, I can guarantee you will be slim in just 2 weeks time. For boys who doesn’t have SIX PACKS on their stomach , do come to our club and train hard then.

Well, taekwondo is basically a Korean martial art with a lot of useful techniques that can be use in defending ourselves from attacks. In Korean, tae means “to strike or break with foot” ; kwon means “to strike or to break with fist” ; and do means “way,” “method,” or “art.” Same as last year, we get to perform our creative acrobat taekwondo dance during our school’s coming sports day in June. It combines taekwondo martial art techniques and a little bit of dancing or boucing. It must be synchronized and perfect. Once you dance, you can never stop. You will love it forever and ever. Taekwondo is a fun and interesting martial art.

Physically, taekwondo develops strength, speed, balance, flexibility, and stamina. The union of mental and physical discipline is the breaking of wooden boards, which requires both physical mastery of the technique and the concentration to focus one’s power. You will be amazed how the plank can be broken by your very own foot. Kicking the plank is what I most enjoyed doing on the demonstration sports day.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all the committees that had put a lot of effort in making our club a successful one. And also don’t forget to thank our instructors for all their hard work. They trained us so well that we praised them as our HEROES.

Secretary of SMKBU3

Committee 2011

Pengerusi Tan Suk Nee 5 Teratai 013-2373163
Naib Pengerusi Ng Khai Hann 4 Mawar 012-2926692
Setiausaha Chang Seh Li 5 Teratai 012-2082136
Naib Setiausaha Lam Jiunn Liang 5 Mawar 012-2229433
Bendahari Kok Phaik Ying 5 Teratai 012-2003645
Naib Bendahari Kristina 5 Ixora 017-6041460
AJK Kerbersihan Pang Hao Tuck 5 Mawar 0173980658
Lee Jun Yang 5 Mawar 03-78739228

AJK Tingkatan 1 Lim Jun Hui 1 Mawar 019-3381513
AJK Tingkatan 2 Quan Yuan Shin 2 Ixora 017-2007995
AJK Tingkatan 3 Brandon Lim 3 Fikir 012-2076306
AJK Tingkatan 4 Lim Andrea 4 Ixora 012-2838388
AJK Tingkatan 5 Brennie Yap 5 Ixora 012-3239186

Power Sport Taekwondo Poomsae Team

A group of students from the Klang, Shah Alam and P.J. district gather twice weekly, and for 3 hours each session to fine-tune their basics for the 1st Taekwondo Malaysia National Poomsae Championships 2011.

Date of Championship: 19th – 20th March 2011
Time: 8.00 am to 6.30 pm
Venue: Sports Arena, Wisma OCM, K.L.

Here’s the list of our members specially groomed for this Poomsae Championships.

Individual Event:
Junior 1 – Male : 1.  Leong Harn
2.  Ng Jing Fu
3.  Thinaesh Manoharan

Junior 1 – Female : 1. Ng Jing Hui
2.  Tio May Lin

Junior 2 – Female : 1.  Chang Seh Li
2.  Chin Kar San
3.  Klaudia Beverly Tot
4.  Woo Ching Xie
5.  Michelle Chan Su Jia

Senior 1 – Male : 1.  Tan Kien Tat
2.  Chong Geeng Jun

Senior 1 – Female : 1.  Kadine Bianca Tot
2.  Aneta a/p Selvaraj
3.  Hillary Ang Yee Tung
4.  Woo Ching Yie

Pair Event (Male and Female):
Junior 1 : Male – Thinaesh Manoharan
Female – Ng Jing Hui

Senior 1 :  Male – Tan Kien Tat
Female – Aneta Selvaraj

Team Event
Senior 1 (Female)
i.   Kadine Bianca Tot
ii.  Hillary Ang Yee Tung
iii. Woo Ching Yie