Student of the Month, May 2014

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Each month, Power Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy honors a student from among its ranks for good attitude, discipline and zeal in taekwondo. It is also meant to provide an opportunity for members to know their friends better. Selections rotate among the academy’s members from month to month. Only 12 students earn “Student of the Month” accolades each calendar year, with an individual honored each month. Students may be selected for this prestigious honor only once in their careers at Power Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy.



MAY 2014

Name: Yee Mae Yuen
Nickname: Patch, Monkey, Mah Yun
Age: 17
Email Address:
Grade: 2nd Dan
Achievement: Powersport Championship 2008 Gold (Sparring), Powersport Championship 2012 Silver (Sparring) & Bronze (Poomsae), MSSD 2013 Silver (Sparring), MSSS 2013 Bronze (Sparring)
Year start learning taekwondo: Year 2004
Present training center: Public Center, Tmn Chi Liung
Reasons for taking up taekwondo: To gain confidence and to build self discipline.
Favorite color: Any colour.
Favorite food: White chocolate and vegetarian food.
Favorite teacher: Mr. & Mrs. Leong, Sir Yap Ping Soon
Reasons: They are the reason why I am still passionate about Taekwondo until today. Mr and Mrs Leong are very supportive and caring while Sir Yap makes Taekwondo training fun and crazy at the same time.
Ambition: Probably an architect-to-be. Or an engineer.
Things I like to do the most: Making new friends, spending time with friends and family, singing, playing xbox and sleeping.
Things I dislike to do the most: Troubling people and hurting their feelings. Procrastinating and delaying work.
What I hate most: Papaya and cockroaches.
Yee Mae Yuen was selected by Power Sport Taekwondo Academy as the ‘Student of the Month’ for May 2014. A smart and brilliant gal, Mae Yuen seems to have a knack in scoring straight A’s in all her exams with ease. In the recent SPM exam, it was no surprise to us she again scored 10 straight A’s. Besides her academic excellence, she is also very active in her school extracurricular activities. Some of the posts she holds are:
Interact club – Fund-raising Director
Choir Club – Secretary
Japanese Club – Secretary (2012)
St John Ambulance – Secretary
Chess Club – President
Prefectorial Board – Head Bureau of Cleanliness [2012]Like her younger sibling, Yee Mae Yuen is also very well mannered, disciplined and responsible.


Mae Yuen and Mandy Tee, pic taken in 2008.

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