MSSD Report for SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 3, P.J.

Submitted by : Quah Yuan Shin, Assistant Secretary of the Taekwondo Club, SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3), PJ.

Report for Taekwondo MSSD 2014

image-5The Taekwondo MSSD event was held on the 17th April 2014, from 8:00AM until 9:00PM held at Dewan D’Kelana. There were 43 students participated in this event. The students were asked to gather in the school at 7:00AM and the bus left for Dewan D’Kelana around 7:15AM after the student’s attendance were taken.

When the members arrived at the hall, they left their bags and then went into the sparring rink and took their warm-ups there. Then, the members went to the tennis court outside the hall to continue to warm themselves up. When the bout listcame out, the students who participated the sparring event rushed towards the list and searched for their names and took down the number of bouts they have to spar. Not long after, our Taekwondo instructor, Mr. Yap, gathered everyone who took part of the sparring event and double checks the member’s bout numbers and introduced another coach from his training center that is going to help to coach our members on that day.

image-3image-2The event started off with the poomsae event which requires the member to remember their taekwondo taegeuk (patterns) they learn from taegeuk 7 until koryo. A few of our members took part in that event. The guy’s and girls under 15 sparring event took place at the same time.

While the poomsae event is going on, one by one the members prepare themselves with their guards and gears 5 bouts before their game. They also did warm ups before they went in to the rink to spar. They were suppose to spar for one and a half minute for the first round, rest for 30 seconds and continue to spar for another one and a half minute and that is the end of the match.

Towards the end of the MSSD event, we had the prize giving ceremony and 13 members from our school won medals during this event. For the poomsae category, our student, Yap Jia Cheng won silver and Marcus Ang won bronze for that event. Also, for the girls under-15 category, our student Tey Hsein Chyii won gold for her category. For the guys under-15, Chan Fan Bin, won gold, Marcus Ang won silver and Ong Chun Pin won bronze for sparring event. For girls under-18, Chan Yu T’ng, Tan Yin Ying, Tang Pey Yng and Pang Kar Mei won gold for their sparring event. Also, Chee Huey Cher and Nur Liyana won silver for the sparring event. Also, Beh Yee Shyen and Phang Kai Ying won bronze for the sparring event.

Lastly, SMK BUD(3) went back with victory as the overall champion for several consecutive years. I would say that the members who took part learnt a lot from this competition. This improves their sportsmanship and they gain new experience.

Submitted by:
Quah Yuan Shin,
Assistant Secretary of the Taekwondo Club,
SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3),
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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