5th Power Sport Taekwondo Junior Camp 2011

Organizing a taekwondo camp is not an easy task especially if it’s one where the members would crave for more after they have attended the first. To get these results, a lot of planning and effort have to be put in weeks before the event. And you need to inject in the camp some elements of adventure, mystery or anything that can cause them to experience an intense feeling or sensation like a sudden pleasurable sensation of fright or excitement.

Such was our 5th Power Sport Taekwondo Junior Camp 2011 which was held recently, 21st Dec – 22nd Dec 2011 @ SK Taman Megah, P.J.

The highlight of the camp was a game call ‘Commando Crossings’. Here, the team captain has to organize his group to transport a ‘seriously injured’ member across dangerous terrains where enemies are lurking to ambush them. The team has to go through ‘a long and narrow tunnel’ and ‘caves’ only to meet the enemies at the end. The captain’s priority is to get his team safely home. Bonus marks will be given on how they protect each other and also the injured friend and help him/her across to safety.

These are part of the memo given to the captain:

Objectives of the game:
1.  To work as a team in overcoming obstacles on the way home.
2.  To keep in mind the safety of each member of your team all the time and not yours alone.
3.  To see how you reach out to help the ‘helpless or defenseless’ member in your team.

Materials provided for the game:
1.  A short piece of rope
2.  A piece of cloth as a stretcher to transport your ‘injured’ friend
3.  Weapons for your defense – water rifle, water pistol and water bomb.

I noticed one thing though, nobody wants to be the ‘injured person’. The one chosen by the captain as the ‘injured person’ somehow in the excitement of the game also ‘get up’ and start shooting the enemies (something he/she is not supposed to do).

It gives us much pleasure to see everyone of them screaming with excitement and enjoying themselves. As I observe, to me the most beautiful thing that day was as they were enjoying themelves, they were also learning to work as a team, helping and working with each other throughout the camp. What a beautiful sight to behold!

Atticus Ng from Tmn. Megah practises hard for his grading on Sunday

When I showed my wife the video, she was so happy…it really makes her day. A few days before Atticus could not remember the steps and cooked up an excuse that his parents did not want him to practise. When his mom got wind of it, Atticus got an earful from her mom, then started practising at home. It shows here that if parents cooperate with the teachers/instructors, it does wonder! Atticus, we are proud of you…not for the lame excuse but for making effort in doing what you are supposed to do 🙂


Another inspiring video submitted by Eleen wong

I love this message!
I have watched it over and over in the last one year. I am constantly reminded of our key drivers …. PASSION, Hard Work, Loving what We Do and having a key eye for Talent. We need good people around us so that eventually the organization we created builds a legacy. 
Powersport Taekwondo, you have awesome elements in your setting. Keep inspiring your members. Hope this video carries its message across and brings your team to the next level of success!

Eleen Wong

Impossible is Nothing

Inspiring video is submitted by Eleen Wong

Master Leong, this is an awesome message about mentoring and coaching. About overcoming our limitations, self belief and fears. I use this video to motivate my team members. Hope you enjoy it too.
In this movie, the Question asked was “Young man, what is your Deepest fear?”
The answer lies in min 3:56.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate;
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is not our darkness that most frightens us.
Our playing small does not serve the world! There is nothing enlightened about shrinking …so that other people won’t feel insecure around you?

We were all meant to shine as children!
It is not just in some of us, it is in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same, as we are liberated from our own fear.
Our presence automatically liberates others.”

“To my friends and mentors, I want to say Thank you.”Eleen