Atticus Ng from Tmn. Megah practises hard for his grading on Sunday

When I showed my wife the video, she was so happy…it really makes her day. A few days before Atticus could not remember the steps and cooked up an excuse that his parents did not want him to practise. When his mom got wind of it, Atticus got an earful from her mom, then started practising at home. It shows here that if parents cooperate with the teachers/instructors, it does wonder! Atticus, we are proud of you…not for the lame excuse but for making effort in doing what you are supposed to do 🙂


Another inspiring video submitted by Eleen wong

I love this message!
I have watched it over and over in the last one year. I am constantly reminded of our key drivers …. PASSION, Hard Work, Loving what We Do and having a key eye for Talent. We need good people around us so that eventually the organization we created builds a legacy. 
Powersport Taekwondo, you have awesome elements in your setting. Keep inspiring your members. Hope this video carries its message across and brings your team to the next level of success!

Eleen Wong