SK Taman Megah, P.J.

Training time:
Mon’s Senior Group: 1.15 pm – 2.15 pmdossierbleu_videosdossierbleu_videos
Thur’s Junior Group: 1.15 pm – 2.15 pm
Tue’s Night Class    : 7.45 pm – 9.00 pm

“Taekwondo is very good. I like to learn taekwondo.” Muhammad Muhkriz Amir, 8, spoke in his clear and almost impeccable english when interviewed.

It’s about a year now since Mukhriz and his friends started their taekwondo training in SK Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya. Mukhriz, a medium-size lad with a tanned body never misses his class and is one of the few who stands out among his peers. He picks up the skills fast and was awarded a double promotion in his first grading together with two of his fellow members Akalil Aziz and Khairil Khuzaimi. Both Akalil and Khairil are of a slightly smaller build and also a year younger. Together they make a formidable team.

Here in SK Taman Megah, the training starts almost immediately after school at 1.15 pm. They don’t have much time to change much less to rest. To see them coming faithfully week after week is an encouragement to us already. Their enthusiasm inspired us and endear us to them even more.

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5th Power Sport Taekwondo Junior Camp (21st – 22nd Dec 2011)

IMPORTANT: Please be informed we have just received news this afternoon regarding an Examiner/Instructors seminar which falls on the same day as our junior camp (14th -15th Dec 2011). Therefore, we have no choice but  to postpone the camp to the following week i.e. 21st – 22nd Dec 2011.

If you have already paid for the camp, and are unable to come on the new date set, we will refund you the money. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

What’s this Junior Camp?

Briefing - 4th Power Sport Junior Camp 2010

This CAMP is specially organized for our young ones, to let them have some clean fun after their final year exam. What better way to ‘de-stress’ than to have a time of fun with all their friends and at the same time learn things!

Objectives of this Camp

  1. To train them to be independent
  2. To instill confidence in them
  3. To teach them the value of team work
  4. To instill in them the tenets of taekwondo.

Camp Instructors
Mr. & Mrs. Leong Yong Wah with their team of helpers.

Start of Camp   : 9.00 am  on 14th Dec 2011 (Wed)  [21st Dec 2011 (Wed)]
End of Camp     : 9.00 am on 15th Dec 2011 (Thurs) [22nd Dec 2011 (Thurs)]
Venue              : SK Taman Megah, P.J.

Camp fees         : RM70.00

What are included in the camp fees:
1.     Meals : 1 lunch, 1 tea-time, I dinner, 1 supper and 1 breakfast. Meals are prepared by the school canteen.
2.     A beautifully designed camp t-shirt for each participant.
3.     A file with notes attached.

Target Practice - 4th Power Sport Junior Camp 2010

Sleeping Quarters : School Hall
Schools involved:

  1. SK Taman Megah, P.J.
  2. SK Assunta (1) P.J.
  3. SK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam.

Things to Bring for the Camp

  1. A change of clothes for a day.
  2. Towel
  3. Soap, toothbrush and toothpaste.
  4. Mat or Sleeping bag
  5. Taekwondo uniform (Don’t forget your belt)
  6. Jogging shoes
  7.  A big hankerchief for blindfold game
  8. Torchlight
  9. Pencil or ball-pen
  10. A big portion of D. O.C. (Discipline, Obedience and Common sense).


Obstacle test - 4th Power Sport Junior Camp 2010

Closing Date: 29th Nov 2011
Please register early to avoid disappointment. Registration will close when the 100th participant is reached.
Registration forms can be downloaded at the PSport_files folder at the side column.

Camp Program

Team discussion - 4th Power Sport Junior Camp 2010

Obstacle test - 4th Power Sport Junior Camp 2010

21st  Dec 2011  (Wed)
9.00   AM      –  Roll Call
9.10   AM      –  Briefing by Master Leong
9.15   AM      –  Ice-Breaker
9.30   AM     –   History of Taekwondo & Vital Points in a human body
10.00  AM    –  Blind Man Game
10.45  AM      –  Self-defence drills
11.30  AM     –  Greedy Dogs
12.30  PM     –   Lunch
1.00   PM     –   Objective Tests
1.30   PM      –  Commando Crossings
3.00   PM      –   Tea-time
3.15   PM      –   Team Discussions
4.00   PM      –   Taekwondo drills
5.00   PM      –   Tug of War
6.00   PM      –    Free and easy
7.00   PM      –   Dinner
8.00   PM     –    Camp fire / Story time
9.00   PM     –    Overcoming fear of darkness  “Is there a monster under my bed?”
10.00  PM     –    Team Performance
10.45  PM     –    Supper
11.15  PM     –    Lights Off (Bed-times)

22nd Dec 2011 (Thur)
5.00   AM    –   Roll Call / Wash-up
5.30   AM    –  Jogging time
6.00   AM    –   Taekwondo drills
7.30   AM     –  Breakfast
8.30   AM    –   Presentation of Awards
8.45   AM    –  Group photo
9.00  AM     –  Good-bye

Power Sport Parent Support Team-Year End Trip

The parent support team are thinking of having a year end trip for the kiddos, there will be a long leave during Hari Raya Haji and Awal Muharram.
Please comment your value suggestion on the location(Cameron Highland or Port Dickson) and other infomation.

Note :
1) We are encouraging family trip for kids below 18 years old .
2) The location is subject to room availability.

P/S : I am sorry but i have limited resources,kindly help to tag those that are relevant.

Destination : Cameron Highland
Apartment : Desa Anthurium
Type : 3 Bedrooms(Private own)
Cost: As discussed
Location : In between Tanah Rata & Brinchang

Date : Check in 26th Nov check out 27th Nov 2011

Transportation, Meal & Farm visit entrance fee: Own Cost

Total Headcounts: Adults-11, Children-11.

Bedrooms(9): Ropathy-2 Kim-2 Nafiz-2 Kumar-1 Leong-2

The tentative Itinerary:
1130- Arrival at Tanah Rata CH.
1200- Check In
1300- Lunch at Tanah Rata
1400- Visit to Rose Valley-Tringkap
Cactus Valley-Brinchang
Big Red Strawberry Farm-Bringchang
1900- Dinner and Night market visit at Brinchang
2130-2200 Back to apartment

0800-0830 Breakfast at Brinchang
0930- Visit to Morning market-Kea Farm
1130- Back to apartment
1230-1300 Check out
1330- Visit to Boh Tea Centre-Sg palas
1430- Depart Home

Submitted by:
Charmine Thor, Vicky Lee Dreyer and Kim Dreyer. 

SMJK Kwang Hua, Klang by Teoh Kwok Jin

Kwang Hua Archives                                Click to view  Kwang Hua Sport Demo, 8th July 2011

SMJK Kwang Hua Klang 2011/2012

It’s been over more than 30 over years since SMJK Kwang Hua Taekwondo Club was established. Generations after generations our Taekwondo Club has continued the legacy of this Korean Martial Art, Taekwondo. Although it’s been years, SMJK Kwang Hua Taekwondo Club is still standing strong till today.

Moreover, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our instructor Master Leong Yong Wah, 7th Dan and assisted by Mr. Tan Kien Tat, 3rd Dan for teaching us self-defence and self-discipline. Taekwondo is Our Way Of Life, we train diligently every Saturday and in every session we always strive to do our best. All are welcome to train with us, our training starts from 4.30p.m. till 6.30p.m every Saturday except on Public holidays.

Teoh Kwok Jin
SMJK Kwang Hua Klang Taekwondo Club 2011/2012 

Jawatan Nama Kelas Contact No.
Pengerusi Nie Naik Wei Qin 4s3 019-3696888
Naib. Pengerusi Tee Zi Yen 4a1 012-2628262
Ketua Disiplin Ngiam Fang Qi 4a4 016-6039013
Setiausaha Teoh Kwok Jin 4s6 017-8893012
Pen. Setiausaha Chan Wen Ni 3A 016-3961190
Bendahari Joel Ong Wei Quan 4s5 019-3063246
Pen. Bendahari Chan Wen Di 3A 016-3961231
Ketua Kebersihan Chua Lik Jing 4a4 012-3691528
Pen. Kebersihan Lim Pin Jie 3C 012-3439293
Ketua Kecemasan Goh Wei Ken 4s6 019-3360928
Wakil Tingkatan 5 Song Wei Min 4a2 017-6543250
Wakil Tingkatan 4 Chua Yi Hui 3E 010-4363867
Wakil Tingkatan 3 Tan Yee Lin 3D 012-6676896
Wakil Tingkatan 2 Yew Shi En 2B 017-6924789
Wakil Tingkatan 1 Alex Yew 1B 010-2712743
Ajk Biasa 1 Nie Naik Xin Yuan 2A 012-2255632
Ajk Biasa 2 Tan Kye Xing 3I 016-3970121

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2nd Power Sport Training Camp, 27th – 29th Dec 2011

Power Sport Training Camp 2008

The Power Sport Training Camp is now open for registration (for members only). Those members who are interested may download the registration form from PSport_files folder on the side column.

Camp site: Sunshine Camp (Rotary Club), Port Dickson.
Date: 27th Dec – 29th Dec 2011
Target number of Participants: 40

Camp fees: RM110.00

Closing dates to hand in form: 12th Dec (Registration will be closed once we reach our targeted 40 participants).

Instructors in charge:
Mr. Yap Ping Soon, 4th Dan
Mr. Tan Kien Tat, 3rd Dan

The tentative training program:
27 Dec
0800 – Gather at Chi Liung Center (Pick-up point)
0830 – Depart for Sunshine Camp
1000 – Arrival at Sunshine Camp
1100 – 1st training
1300 – Lunch
1400 – In door game
1700 – 2nd training
1830 – Wash up
1930 – Dinner
2200 – Activities
2330 – Sleeping time
28 dec
0700 – Roll call
0730 – 3rd training
0830 – Breakfast
0930 – game
1115 – 4th training
1230 – Lunch
1400 – Game
1600 – 5th training
1830 – Dinner
2000 – Camp fire
29 dec 
0700 – Rise and shine
0730 – 6th training
0830 – Breafast
0930 – Packing up
1100 – Lunch
1200 – Depart for Klang
1330 – Arrival at Klang