BU3 Sport Demo, Wed 29th June 2011

Early in the morning, on Wed, 29th June 2011 as I was leaving my house in Klang to go for the sport demo, it started to rain. My heart sanked. I knew the students would be very disappointed if the demo was cancelled. When I reached the Kelana Stadium, the weather was perfect there. Cool and not sunny unlike previous years. However, after the march pass, it started to drizzle and then it began to pour. Consequently, our team was told that they would only be performing at the end of the sports day. Disappointment were written all over their faces. All 90 of them had been practising everyday for the whole week, and simply just couldn’t wait to show off their performance. The taerobic dance moves were choreographed by the committee themselves.

When Mr. Wong learned that they were willing to do even in the rain, he relented but told them to be careful as the field was quite slippery. They leapt with joy when they were told the news. How did they perform on that rainy day? Suffice to tell…they left the audience screaming uncontrollably throughout the whole performance.

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We apologize that many shots didn’t turn out well and therefore only these are posted here. Special thanks to Wong Liang Chun for editing the video perfectly.

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