SMK Convent Klang by Casovia Khoo

The Taekwondo Club of SMK Convent Klang has their training every Saturday morning, from 7.30am to 8.45am. It is either held in the school hall, Dewan SriKandi, the basketball court, or the Dataran Puteri.

Puan Yogeswari has faithfully been the teacher adviser all these years for the Taekwondo Club. The committee members for this year consists of Casovia Khoo, Kashmini Hilda, Nur Sabrina, Lim Zhi Ying, Yu Lee Sze, Premawaty Kumar, Chang Ying Yee, Jaspreet Kaur, Nurul Izzati, Yoshini Kathleen, Trisha Ganan, Darsyana, and Thew Xue Er, all of which have been voted on the first committee meeting held.

Casovia Khoo
President 2011

Committee 2011

President             : Casovia Khoo
Vice-president      : Kashmini Hilda
Secretary            : Nur Sabrina
Asst-secretary     : Lim Zhi Ying
Treasurer            : Yu Lee Sze
Biro keceriaan     : i) Premawaty
ii) Chang Ying Yee
Quarter Mistress : Jaspreet Kaur
Form Reps 5      : Nurul Izzati
4      : Yoshini Kathleen
3      : Trisha Ganan
2      : Darsyana
1       : Thew Xue Er


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