PSPST Bowling Event

Submitted by : Kim Dreyer for PSPST (Power Sport Parents Support Team)

Dear Power Sport
Taekwondo friends!
First of all PSPST would like
to thank all the sponsors,
parents and the kids for their
support which led to the
success of sales at our
Gradings in Klang & Power
Sport Tournament.

As a token of appreciation and
support we are using the fund
collected at the events to
organize a Bowling event for
all this 31/08/2013.
The Bowling tournament is
opened for all Power Sport
Taekwondo members, their
siblings and as well as parents.

We have reserved 10 kids /
adult lanes, and can go up to
32 lanes. Everyone can
participate in the event.

Please participate in this event
to show Mr & Mrs Leong that
we are one big family even we
are not training.

Please register before 25th of
August 2013.

Postponement of PSPST Event

Submitted by Kim Dreyer

As mentioned in the last version of the PSPST newsletter, we were supposed to be  having our bowling event on the 16th June 2013.

However, we had to postpone the event to 31st August 2013 because of the following reasons:

1  The Demo team were busy training for the upcoming Power Sport tournament.

2  We could not hold the event on Saturdays because of our normal classes.

3  Hari Raya Puasa is around the corner.

PSPST is sponsoring for the bowling games, just remember to bring your own socks.
Please register with the coaches from 7th July 2013. The registration fee is RM 5.00.

Thank You

We apologize for the late notice as Mr. Ropathy is having problem with his email account.

Best regards and have a nice day!

Submitted by:
Kim Dreyer

Report on the recent MSSD Klang 2013 BY PSPST

Submitted by Charmaine Thor

_DSC946320th  & 21 st April 2013, another very common weekend for those who love to dine , shop & relax but it was not for us who took part and supported the Power Sport team in MSSD Klang 2013.

It was an adrenaline kick in weekend and results to not only fruitful in Medals but also sportsmanship and improved in parenting relationship.

_DSC9445This simple note is especially dedicated to the whole family of Power Sport Taekwondo Team. We as parent are proud to share the spirit that the Team member inculcated:

1)        Selvanthraan as a President of SMK La Salle Taekwondo Club, all he said when he was praised on his hard work were “  Aunty , I am the President  , I must show good example “. Good Leader showing good example, Keep up the good job, boy!

2)        Megat Hail aka Harimau Hail (name given by Master Leong), this little guy small in size but big in fighting spirit. Though he might not be in the same league with the opponent on his second bout, he stood up after a several falls and continues to the end of the bout. Salute, Small little Giant!

_DSC94513)        Sebastian Lee Dreyer, a young man that stops tournament training for four months but managed to beat all four giants and won himself a GOLD medal. Amazing!

4)        Janice Maria with her determination and of coz some cheering from the family, started with a solid head score and won the opponent by 11:5. She managed to collect two bronze in this MSSD(Sparring & Poomsae). Bravo!

5)        Sabrina Lee Dreyer, Our Heroin of the day, Though she did not win the bout but she won our heart  for her fight with a head or two taller opponent , she charged the opponent till the end of bout and was only one score behind. We love you, baby!!!

_DSC94646)        Leong Harn…, though he only collected a bronze (in sparring) but we were so proud of the improvement. He started with first round of 0:4 but won the bout with 10:7 by collected three head score. Thank you.

7)        The finale of coz belongs to our Great Rubeni Selvaraj. A five times MSSD champion who won this sparring with a twisted wrist. We want to see more fighting spirit. Keep up the “Never Give Up” spirit.

By the way, all these kids are under the umbrella of all the young coaches, thank you again for being there for the kids. Sir Yap, Sir Kien Tat, Aneta & Kah Chun.

Well , we must not forget the backbone of the family Master Leong and Mdm  Yeap, thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Cheers to All Power Sport Family member.

To view more pics, CLICK HERE.

Submitted by Charmaine Thor

Power Sport Parents Support Team Hi-Tea Party


The PSPST recently organized a hi-tea party for members on 12th of December 2011 at Port Klang Golf Club. And what a way to bade farewell to 2011! The event was attended by almost 50 guests including the Master, Mr. and Mrs. Leong Yong Wah themselves. Organizing chairman , Mr. Kim Dreyer said that the attendance was above expectations as the committee has targeted only 30 guests. The party started at 5.00p.m. and even a heavy downpour did not dampen the spirits of the guests. The children

enjoyed the most as there were many games organized and they even had a great time playing golf at the driving range.

During the party, the committee also discussed about their plans to organize ‘Adopt A Poor Child PER Family” program whereby each parent can sponsor a talented poor child for his/her Taekwondo training program. The idea was met with a tremendous response from the parents where about 12 families agreed for the sponsorship and more to follow.

The party also saw new faces elected to the committee for 2012.

  • Madam President 1st half year: Charmaine
  • Madam President 2nd half year: Vicky
  • Secretary: Rajes
  • T-shirt: Ropathy and Ali
  • Shop: Ms Patma
  • Accountant: Kim

Finally many thanks to those who made PSPST a success in 2011 namely, Kim, Vicky, Charmaine, Leong, Ropathy, Kala, Kumar, Rajes and the cool and talented children who also a played a great part to this committee. Adios 2011 and see you all in 2012!


Thank You,

Submitted by:
Secretary 2012

Important Info on PSPST High Tea

The Power Sport Parents Support Team (PSPST) is organizing a High Tea for members only:

Date: 12th Dec 2011 (Monday)
Time: 5.00 pm 
Venue: Port Klang Golf Club

The fee per head is only RM10.00. PSPST is partly subsidizing the event.

As we need to let the Golf Club know the numbers coming for the high tea, we would appreciate if you could confirm your attendance by sms to Mr Ropathy 019 214 2615 or Mr. Kim 012 628 2884 not later than Thursday evening, 8th of December.  We are sorry to inform that the swimming pool is closed because of some technicalities.

To access the location map to the Gold Club please go to Event Calendar under the Events & Activities Menu, then go to the date of Event, click on the event, then click on map to access the location map.

 On behalf of PSPST