Postponement of PSPST Event

Submitted by Kim Dreyer

As mentioned in the last version of the PSPST newsletter, we were supposed to be  having our bowling event on the 16th June 2013.

However, we had to postpone the event to 31st August 2013 because of the following reasons:

1  The Demo team were busy training for the upcoming Power Sport tournament.

2  We could not hold the event on Saturdays because of our normal classes.

3  Hari Raya Puasa is around the corner.

PSPST is sponsoring for the bowling games, just remember to bring your own socks.
Please register with the coaches from 7th July 2013. The registration fee is RM 5.00.

Thank You

We apologize for the late notice as Mr. Ropathy is having problem with his email account.

Best regards and have a nice day!

Submitted by:
Kim Dreyer

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