Another New Addition of Black Belts to the Power Sport Family…


Congratulations to the following members added to the ever growing Power Sport Taekwondo Black Belt Family:

Mahaashri a/p Vithyananthan – 1st Poom
Ng Jing Zheng – 1st Poom
Katiravan s/o Joseph – 1st Poom
Ang En Qing – 1st Poom
Nur Aleeya Khadeja – 1st Poom
Ivan Chong Shi Bao – 1st Poom
Leticia Ann Lariche – 1st Poom
Alvern Yong Joon Wei – 1st Poom
Nicholas Wong Zheng Li – 1st Poom
Teh Kai Wen – 1st Dan
Wong Jen Leng – 1st Dan
Yap Yee Ting – 1st Dan
Tee Hui Yee – 1st Dan
Chua Lik Yang – 2nd Dan
Ng Thea Jong – 2nd Dan
Chew Vi Vian – 2nd Dan
Tan Wei Shean – 2nd Dan
Yeoh Yeong Xiang – 2nd Dan



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