New Addition to the Power Sport Taekwondo Black Belt Family

DSC_6369Congratulations to the following members added to the ever growing Power Sport Taekwondo Black Belt Family:
Shandy Tee
Samantha Ng
Donovan Tan Kean An
Manish Mikal
Nazim Harris b. Mohd Fadzil
Dhevanessh Selvam
Elveena Dev Tasha
Nur Aliah Shamsuddin
Nabilah Neisa bt Md Nasarudin
Aireen Yasmin bt Shahril
Thareina Tharmaraj
Vishmitha Krisna Kumar

Student of the Month Award, April 2016: Kashminni Hilda

Congrats also to all the medal winners for the 1st quarter of the year. Great job, guys!!!

24 April 2016

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