2 more weeks to the 14th Power Sport Taekwondo Championship 2015.

IMG_4278Some clarification on this event…

14th Power Sport Taekwondo Championship 2015 is specially organised for the beginners. As it is meant for novices, we have barred our experienced fighters who had won medals in the state and national levels from participating in this event.

To encourage participation for exposure, and assuage the fear of some of the parents, we have slightly modified the rules by prohibit kicking to the head. In MSSD or MSSS, any kick to the head, 3 or more points would be awarded to the attacker depending on the type of kicks. However, in our championship, any kick to the head, the attacker will be penalized.

Date: 26th July 2015, Sunday
Venue: SRJK ( c) Pandamaran B, Port Klang.
Time: 8.00 am – 6.00 pm.


  1. All volunteeers and participants are to gather at the hall by 7.30 am for a short briefing. Please observe punctuality.
  2. The briefing is important because you need to know who your coach is.
  3. All players are to obey the coaches at all times.
  4. Do not forget your full uniform and belt.
  5. You have to get ready 5 bouts before your own. Getting ready means, you must be already in your gears –
    1. forearm, shin and groin guards (your own),
    2. body vests and headgear (loan from the organizer, F.O.C.),
  6. If your name is called 3 times, and you do not respond to the call, you will be disqualified.
  7. Players with long finger and toe nails will be penalized. So trim your nails one day earlier.
  8. Have a good breakfast and clear your bowel before you come.
  9. Do not go home even after you lose because if your bout is in the semifinal, you would still get a bronze. Check with your coach first.
  10. If your really need to go, please inform your coach and collect your certificate from the recorders’ table before you leave.

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