New Black Belts from Shah Alam & P.J. District, Dec 2014

Congrats and welcome to the following members to the Power Sport family of Black Belts:


1.  Keevhan Vicknesh – 1st Poom
2.  Ivan Au Kean Hann – 1st Poom
3.  Kirtti Kesavan – 1st Poom
3.  Chan Kar Meng – 1st Poom
4.  Darshini Anantha Rajah – 1st Poom
5.  Ainin Sofea bt Zool Pakar – 1st Dan
6.  Joelle Yap  Xi Yuet – 2nd Poom
7.  Jade Wong Wenn-Li – 2nd Dan

Student of the month for September 2014: Muhammad Amrin bin Amran

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