Black Belt Presentation & Student of the Month Award, 24th August 2014

_DSC2142We are proud to announce another new addition of Black Belts to our fold :

They are:

1. Iffah bt Abdul Malek, 1st Poom
2. Sitamparam Ramalingam Mathiyalagan, 1st Poom
2. Muhammad Firdaus Ahamed Sidique, 1st Poom
3. Chin Yee Ching, 1st Dan
4. Boey Xue Ling, 1st Dan
5. Athira bt Aminuddin, 1st Dan
6. Yasmin bt Muhd Loqman, 1st Dan
7. Iman Nurhanis bt Shahruddin, 1st Dan

Student of the Month Award:
July 2014 – Alya Iman Bt. Khairul Anuar

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