New Additional Black Belts 2014

We are proud to announce that the following black belts had been added into our fold :newBB_042014 copy

1.  Ilham bin Saharuddin, 1st Poom
2.  Muhammad Amrin bin Amran, 1st Poom
3.  Kishorra Kobbin, 1st Poom
4.  Sia Xin Yi, 1st Poom
5.  Leong Ka Mun, 1st Poom
6.  Mohammad Azrai bin Azmi, 1st Dan

Students of the Month Award:
Jan 2014 – Yovinassh s/o Ropathy
Mar 2014 – Janice Nair

Lye Jun Kuan – Bronze Medal, TM(WTF) National Circuit 2013.

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