Training during the 1-week school holidays, 22 Mar – 30 Mar 2014

Please take note that the training schedule for the coming school holidays will be as usual for all the weekend classes.

All weekday classes will be brought forward, from 10.30 am -12.00 noon except for the Tuesday Taman Megah Night Class, Tenby International and the Chi Liung Public Center Klang.

24 Mar 2014, Monday – Taman Megah PJ Senior Class : 10.30 am – 12.00 pm
25 Mar 2014, Tuesday – SK Assunta 1, PJ -10.30 am – 12.00 pm
26 Mar 2014, Wednesday – BU3 – 10.30 am – 12.00 pm
27 Mar 2014, Thursday – Taman Megah PJ Beginners class – 10.30 am – 12.00 pm

Taekwondo Sponsor A Child Program…

Submitted by: Charmaine Thor, PSPST Member

IMG_21408th March 2014 (Sat)  mark the day of change for 3 special angels.

1). Kavynash A/L Siva (Std 6) from SK La Salle Klang

2) Thinesh Suntharalimgam (Std 6) from SK La Salle Klang

3) Ishvardeep Kaur Hans (Std 5) from SK Convent Klang

IMG_2136We are honored and delighted to have Mdm Yeoh the Principal of Convent Klang , Master Leong Yong Wah and Mdm Yeap Swee Bee as our special guest to present the certificate and uniform to the chosen ones during the event .Some basic criteria are taken into consideration of the chosen i.e single parents, lower range income but committed parents. Those children were all sponsored by the Power Sport Parents Support Team with the classes, grading, uniform and tournament fees. Thanks to the effort of Power Sport Parents support team’s Leader Mr Kim Dryer & Mr  Ropathy Ramanathan, they have call upon volunteers/parents to sponsor on children that are interested in Martial Art Taekwondo and personally attended the screening for the qualified three.

We, PSPST are also very proud and honored to have these students in the Power Sports Taekwondo Academy and hope they would enjoy and also be committed throughout their taekwondo career. From  PSPST members we wish the chosen ones all the best and hope they would succeed in the future.

Student of the Month, March 2014

Student of the Month Archives

Each month, Power Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy honors a student from among its ranks for good attitude, discipline and zeal in taekwondo. It is also meant to provide an opportunity for members to know their friends better. Selections rotate among the academy’s members from month to month. Only 12 students earn “Student of the Month” accolades each calendar year, with an individual honored each month. Students may be selected for this prestigious honor only once in their careers at Power Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy.



MARCH 2014

Name: Janice Maria Nair
Nickname: Jan, Jan-Jan, Yamori
Age: 16
Email Address:
Grade: 1st Dan
Achievement: Power sport taekwondo championship: 2009- Sparring (Bronze), 2011-Sparring (bronze), 2012-Sparring(Silver), 2013-Sparring (Gold) Poomsae (Silver). MSSD: 2011-Poomsae (Silver), 2013-Sparring (Bronze) Poomsae (Bronze), Selangor closed(MSSS): 2013-Poomsae (Silver)
Year start learning taekwondo: Jan-08
Present training center: MGS
Reasons for taking up taekwondo: Don’t really know. It was just something I wanted to do.
Favorite color: Purple, blue and green
Favorite food: Cheese
Favorite teacher: Mrs. Leong
Reasons: I have been learning under her for a long time and she has always given me courage when I had no confidence in myself
Ambition: Still unknown
Things I like to do the most: Laughing and having fun with my friends
Things I dislike to do the most: Things that cause stress and frustration
What I hate most: Panic attacks
Power Sport Taekwondo Academy named Janice Maria Nair as the ‘Student of the Month’ for March 2014. Janice is intelligent, responsible, discipline and reliable. Beside being the President of the MGS Klang Taekwondo club, she is also the vice President of the Japanese club and secretary of the Basketball club. A true leader who leads by example and is full of enthusiasm and initiative. Janice is also friendly, polite and adorable. A model student indeed.


Janice before she got her black belt in December 2011.