SMK La Salle Klang, 2014

Submitted by : Yavinaash Naidu SaravanakumarSecretary

_DSC1140It’s a new year and a fresh beginning from what we left off at 2013. The SMK La Salle Klang Taekwondo Club otherwise popularly known Power Sport Taekwondo are continuing to provide a platform for those keen to improve or interested in Taekwondo and their self defence skills. Our advisor Master Leong Yong Wah and his team of dedicated instructors are still around in 2014 and continuing to create success for young children and teenagers who had produced the desired results in the district and national levels. The _DSC1139training and development program are made to be both exciting and educational for the children. They are able to enjoy this class all the time and at the same time develop a bond between the children and the parents. Deserving children will be given appreciation and rewards to encourage them to perform better.

_DSC1144Another “kudos”to Master Leong and his team! The parents support team of La Salle Klang are also to be recommended due to their untiring and active participation in promoting taekwondo around Klang district. As always, each year will be more challenging than the previous years but with Master Leong and his _DSC1166team, rest assured the La Salle Klang Taekwondo Club will be one of the best taekwondo club in Klang district in due time. La Salle Klang Taekwondo Club are grateful to Master Leong and his team for their undivided efforts and we hope they will continue to bring success for a very long time. Also congrats to Nathan Raj for being elected as the new president for the year 2014/15. We hope through the guidance of Master Leong, Nathan Raj and all the board members of the taekwondo club to produce more winners and also achieve achievements at the highest level possible and hope more children will be motivated to join the taekwondo club.


Submitted by,
Yavinaash Naidu Saravanakumar
Taekwondo Club
Smk La Salle Klang

SMK La Salle Klang Taekwondo Committee 2014/15    

President : Nathan Raj s/o Ropathy (Form 5)
Vice  President : Selventhraan a/l Ramani ( Form 4)
Secretary : Yavinaash Naidu s/o Saravanakumar (Form 3)
Ass. Secretary : Harkesh a/l Patmanathan (Form 2)
Treasurer : Leong Harn (Form 3)
Ass. Treasurer : Thinaesh Manoharan (Form 2)

Committee Members:
Form 4
– Prasad Paneerchelvam
Form 3 – Yugneswaran Gunasegar
Form 2 – Viknesh Chelvam
Form 1 – Yovinassh Raj a/l Ropathy

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Today is Padmalakshme’s birthday

Today is Padmalakshme’s big day…her birthday is today. A few days earlier, her mom asked us whether it would be possible for her to celebrate her birthday with all her taekwondo friends after class. Of course, it’s possible!

It’s heartening to see how well they mingle with each other like one big happy family. 🙂

SMJK Kwang Hua Klang, 2013/2014

Submitted by: Joanne Nie,  Secretary


It never ceases to amaze me how diversified our club members are in SMJK Kwang Hua’s Taekwondo club. From the tiniest little babies with red cheeks and big adorable eyes, to super seniors who have been training for years, they all share the same passion, the same determination and love for Taekwondo. It’s been 4 years since I made the decision to join the club, and it’s a decision I’ve never regretted._DSC1122

At approximately 4 p.m. every Saturday, members of the SMJK Kwang Hua Taekwondo club arrive with a wide smile on their faces, eager to arrive early to either train or share a joke or two with their friends. Members, regardless of age and belt colour sweep the floor together to make sure that we (or our mothers) don’t spend hours washing the dust and dirt off our white uniforms afterwards! I quote our vice president, Mr. Choo Hock Nin, :”We’re all members who are using this place to train regardless of seniority and age! J”
_DSC1102It’s true that we have a loving community (and committees) here at SMJK Kwang Hua’s Taekwondo club. We take care of each other through subtle ways, from reminding someone that their shoelace is untied during running, taking someone who looks seriously sick to the bathroom, to even just a pat on the back to motivate someone who’s having a hard time running.

_DSC1088Also, just saying thank you is not enough to express our gratitude towards the handsome Sir Leong Yong Wah, the man behind Powersport Taekwondo (and also occasionally, the man behind the camera lenses). We thank you for dedicating time and effort to us!  The difference you make is nothing short of legendary. We would also like to thank Sir Tan Kien Tat for always being such an inspiration, great instructor, awesome friend and for giving us motivation when we most need it.
All are more than welcome to join our community and join in on the fun! Training is on every Saturday, 4.30 – 6.30 pm.
Submitted by:

Joanne Nie
Secretary, Taekwondo Club, SMJK Kwang Hua 2013/2014

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Ajk 2013/2014

Pengerusi : Yew Shi En
N. pengerusi : Choo Hock Nin
Setiausaha : Nie Naik Xin Yuan
P. setiausaha : Ooi Mei Xuan
Bendahari : Lim Yee Ying
P. bendahari : Lee Ee Hooi
Ketua kebersihan : Chew Zheng Kang
P. k. Kebersihan 1 : Alex Yew
P. k. Kebersihan 2 : Celine Chern
Ketua Papan notis : Tang Ying Jien
Ketua kecemasan : Lim Shen Yeen
Wakil tingkatan
5 : Goh Kun Shun
4 : Lim Wan Sin
3 : Chew Chyi Lin
2 : Tan Kye Ying
1 : Ng Kae Leng

Ajk Biasa
1 : Goh Wei Heng
2 : Yap Yee Ting

SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam, 2014

Submitted by: Hamizah Bt. Ahmad Latfi, secretary

_DSC1338Our school SMK Seksyen 9 Taekwondo Club had been formed for more than a decade now. It still amaze me how strong this club has been. This had been proven through the increasing number of members year by year. We do hope that this club will stand proud and tall for many many years to come.

_DSC1335This club will not have been an amazing club if it were not for our amazing, dedicated and committed instructors. So therefore, we would like to give a massive thank you and an applaud of appreciation to our amazing instructors Master Leong Yong Wah and Mr. Yap Ping Hong for guiding and passing on to us the martial arts and also self-defense. _DSC1342Through taekwondo, we know how to defend ourselves under all circumstances. It has also made us more discipline person as _DSC1350taekwando instill high discipline during the lessons and does not tolerate lackluster attitude. Although Master Leong sometimes likes to tease some of us but that is just part of the fun and it does bring us all a lot closer like a family.

_DSC1351For the commited members, let us all stand commited to this club to make this club a better one in the future(hopefully) and also thank you for the effort and achievements that you guys had given throughout the years. To the new members, welcome!! And yes, the training is quite tiring and tough but as we all say ‘No Pain No Gain’. So, let us all enjoy this year and have fun!!!

Hamizah Bt. Ahmad Latfi

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Committee 2014

President: Mohammad Azrai Bin Azmi  (5LK1)
Vice President: Iman Nurhanis Bt. Shahruddin (5SC1)
Secretary: Hamizah Bt. Ahmad Latfi   (5SC2)
Ass. Secretary: Fatin Maisarah Bt. Kamarul Zaman (5SC2)
Treasurer: Ainin Sofea Bt. Zool Pakar   (5SC1)
Ass. Treasurer: Yasmin Bt. Loqman    (5SC2)
AJK Form 5: Muhammad Luqman Bin Shamsuddin  (5LK1)
AJK Form 4: Aisyah Bt. Zulkifli   (4SC3)
AJK Form 3: Aareena Bt. Aidi    (3KRK1)
AJK Form 2: Izzan Bin Abdul Malek  (2KRK1)
AJK Form 1: Hashry Haqim Bin Andri   (1KRK3)

Taekwondo Promotion at SK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam 2014

Wednesday, Jan 8, 2014, six enthusiastic members from the SK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam gave two rousing performance, one before their school friends early in the morning, and another one before the year 1 and 2 students in the afternoon. Judging by the spontaneous loud applause, I would say it was very well received by the young audience and a very successful one indeed. We are so proud of them 😀

The members involved are:
1.  Tengku Md. Aiman Aliff Tengku Azeezee
2.  Hannah Soraya bt Ahmad Redza
3.  Nabilah Iman Abdullah
4.  Tengku Nurul Ain Tengku Azeezee
5.  Nik Muhammad Azeem b. Kamarudin
6.  Syarifah Jessenia Rae`esa