SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam, 2014

Submitted by: Hamizah Bt. Ahmad Latfi, secretary

_DSC1338Our school SMK Seksyen 9 Taekwondo Club had been formed for more than a decade now. It still amaze me how strong this club has been. This had been proven through the increasing number of members year by year. We do hope that this club will stand proud and tall for many many years to come.

_DSC1335This club will not have been an amazing club if it were not for our amazing, dedicated and committed instructors. So therefore, we would like to give a massive thank you and an applaud of appreciation to our amazing instructors Master Leong Yong Wah and Mr. Yap Ping Hong for guiding and passing on to us the martial arts and also self-defense. _DSC1342Through taekwondo, we know how to defend ourselves under all circumstances. It has also made us more discipline person as _DSC1350taekwando instill high discipline during the lessons and does not tolerate lackluster attitude. Although Master Leong sometimes likes to tease some of us but that is just part of the fun and it does bring us all a lot closer like a family.

_DSC1351For the commited members, let us all stand commited to this club to make this club a better one in the future(hopefully) and also thank you for the effort and achievements that you guys had given throughout the years. To the new members, welcome!! And yes, the training is quite tiring and tough but as we all say ‘No Pain No Gain’. So, let us all enjoy this year and have fun!!!

Hamizah Bt. Ahmad Latfi

For more pics, CLICK HERE.

Committee 2014

President: Mohammad Azrai Bin Azmi  (5LK1)
Vice President: Iman Nurhanis Bt. Shahruddin (5SC1)
Secretary: Hamizah Bt. Ahmad Latfi   (5SC2)
Ass. Secretary: Fatin Maisarah Bt. Kamarul Zaman (5SC2)
Treasurer: Ainin Sofea Bt. Zool Pakar   (5SC1)
Ass. Treasurer: Yasmin Bt. Loqman    (5SC2)
AJK Form 5: Muhammad Luqman Bin Shamsuddin  (5LK1)
AJK Form 4: Aisyah Bt. Zulkifli   (4SC3)
AJK Form 3: Aareena Bt. Aidi    (3KRK1)
AJK Form 2: Izzan Bin Abdul Malek  (2KRK1)
AJK Form 1: Hashry Haqim Bin Andri   (1KRK3)

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