SK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam Sports Day


Taekwondo Demonstration on Sport Day, 21st Sept 2013

Pn. Ani just confirmed with me over the phone that our demonstration item will be immediately after the march pass. Please help to get your children there in Stadium Matsushita by 8.00 am. I have asked the school to make an announcement on that but it would be good if all of you can help pass the word around to the other parents whose child is also involved in the demonstration.

Only those members who went through the drills last Saturday will go in for the demonstration. Those who didn’t do through the drills last Saturday are advised to stay on the sideline and support their friends.

Things to remember:

1.  Full uniform
2.  Do not forget your belt
3.  Remember to bring a cucumber each (preferable a long one but not too thick).
4.  Please observe punctuality.

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