SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 3, P.J. by Hor Kahmun


The Taekwondo Club in SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 3, P.J. had seen an increased in membership since the beginning of last year. Our increasing popularity amongst the students is attributed to a few factors. Blending discipline with fun in training is one of them. Encouraging the members to be creative individually and working as a team as well is another.

In the recent Sport’s Day held in Stadium Kelana Jaya on the 25th of March, 2010, we had the opportunity to display our teamwork, skills and creativity. We were told the PPD and everyone else watching were very pleased with our group performance. Judging by the loud cheering for our group, we knew we were the stars that had won over the hearts of the audience that morning. We also heard from other students, that of the 3 groups that gave performance that morning (Wushu Dao, Cheerleaders and Taekwondo), our group stood out as the most outstanding! Every member who had participated in the demo deserved a big applause for himself / herself.

Last but not least, we also wish to thank the commitee for all the hard work put in, making our club a really successful one!

Secretary of SMKBU3

Committee 2010

President             : Justin Tang Ming Joon (5 Ixora)
Vice President     : Lee Zheng Ming (5 Mawar)
Secretary            : Hor Kahmun (5 Mawar)
Asst. Secretary    : Natasha Lye (5 Orkid)Treasurer            : Chuah Zi Yang (5 Mawar)

Representatives :
Ting 5                    : Ting Chern Wei (5 Teratai)
Ting 4                    : Lee Jun Yang (4 Mawar)
Ting 3                    : Ng Khai Hann (3 Cekap)
Ting 2                    : Wong Hui Shyen (2 Aktif)
Ting 1                    : Quah Yuan Shin (1 Ixora)
(Replaced Anis)

Teacher Advisors : Pn. Gan

Instructors           : Master Leong Yong Wah, 7th Dan
: Mdm. Yeap Swee Bee, 6th Dan
: Mr. Yap Ping Soon, 4th Dan

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