Tenby International Schools Opening Ceremony


Schools Opening Ceremony

A Memorable Day

The 3rd of June 2009 was a memorable day for Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park, and especially so for the school’s taekwondo club. It marked the day of the school’s opening ceremony and the club’s inaugural taekwondo demonstration.

Royal Audience

The taekwondo members of the school were notably excited by the request. After all, they had just started learning the martial art since the club was formed several months ago and this was the first time they were presented with the opportunity to display the skills they have learned so far, in front of the Crown Prince of Perak, HRH Raja Dr Nazrin Shah. They were ever more so enthusiastic to hone their skills and diligent in getting the moves right. Their instructor, Madam Yeap Swee Bee spent weeks guiding the children.

Efforts Paid Off

And their effort finally paid off. The club and members received lauds and praises after their maiden performance.The Tenby International School’s Director of Education, Mr Robert Lloyd was very impressed with the demonstration that he personally went up to Madam Yeap to compliment them on a fantastic performance.

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