Congratulations to three of our black belts who  took part in the just ended Malaysian Private Colleges & Universities MAPCU Games and brought back with them 2 gold and 1 bronze medals. They are:


We are so proud of them

Tee Zi Yen – Gold
Yee Mae Yuen – Gold
Kashminni Hilda – Bronze

13th Power Sport Championship 2013

Submitted by: Go Ray June

IMG_4299It was the 7th of July 2013 and the 13th Powersport Championship! There were about 350 enthusiastic fighters and some less enthusiastic helpers from various schools in the Klang valley and made this day a very promising day of showing all that you have in poomsae and in sparring.

It was less talk and more action as two fiery girls started off the day at Ring B kicking and not caring where they hit—successfully earning numerous “kyongo” for kicking below the belt. At the back, the rest of the fighters were warming up on fighting techniques before going into the ring. The atmosphere was high with tension as we meet two fighters battling ferociously in ring A at round 9. This was a classic street fight as they do not aim for accuracy but hope to outnumber each other with kicks lashed out at high frequency. While entertaining to watch, these numerous yet inaccurate kicks will not earn the fighters points but will spend their energy very quickly.

IMG_4278I switched my focus to Ring B and witnessed a quite helpless primary boy being chased around by a braver opponent. The fight was ended prematurely after the boy complained of a minor leg injury and was too afraid to finish the fight. I observed that this scene replayed itself in the primary girls’ ring. It was quite a pity that some of the younger fighters were not prepared emotionally or physically and did not expect injuries before falling headfirst into the fight. However, the kids should learn something today and come back a braver person with more effective skills on sparring.

IMG_4346From round 14 at ring B, I observed that some fighters have predictable, repetitive and consistent steps in sparring. One went kick-kick-slideback, kick-kick-slideback while the other went slideback-stand-kick, slideback-stand-kick. Well we obviously saw the winner if the fight became a monotonous practice—standing still and acting a scarecrow when you know the exact time the crows were pecking the corn is not going to win you a fight.

IMG_4381Quite suddenly, the crowds were attracted by the sparring between two bulky fighters at ring A, mainly because they let out a terrific roar at each other at every kick and showed such an amount of spirit at sparring—now this was spirited sparring! However, their weight became somewhat of a disadvantage because they could not move quickly, and so they resorted to using sheer force to push their opponent out of the ring. We cheered on them as they tried to dock their opponent’s points by the mistake of stepping outside the ring when kicking proved inconvenient. At the end of the day, this was an interesting fight, and it told me that roaring and pushing might be the way in wrestling, but was simply not enough in sparring.

IMG_8391The next fight was a great contrast to the last one. The “chong” fighter surprised everyone by shooting 7 solid kicks successfully into his opponent’s chest while circling the ring. The 7 “thud” rang out loud and clear and earned general applause. Backing out was not an option, so the opponent tried to resist using punches to return these unrelenting attacks. A coach standing beside me told me that this move can only stop “chong” from scoring, but will not help the opponent to score. All in all, this was a very promising fighter and a very strong round.

IMG_8683Coming up next was a break from sparring as the taekwondo demonstration team—demonstrates! I must say that today’s demo was an unexpected surprise. I expected the usual fire ring, stack-ups, kicking planks 7-in-a-row and nothing out of the ordinary ones, but they brought sparks in their performance. The brief yet attracting taekwondo version of Gangnam Style and Gentleman made its appearance a few times between various kicks, providing the audience time a fresh change from a series of high-kicks. Then the demo team switched neatly and swiftly into their kicks: step-step jumping front kicks which is performed 8 feet  in the air, kicking while blindfolded, a side kick over six people laying side by side, scissors kicks and backflips in the air. The self-defence item was worth a mention because our senior played out the plot very smoothly with a serious of impressive combination kicks: turning, chopping, backswing, 360 turning, double turning and wrapped everything up without inconsistencies. My biased assumption that the demo team played repetitive tricks evaporated into the air because this performance was exactly like a surprise birthday present.

A team member of the demo team, Chua Yi Hui, 17, said, “Our commitment and level of training got us where we are today. We are prepared to suffer all kinds of injuries from training for demonstrations, and I think that this is the main reason why we pulled it off.”

IMG_4331Back to sparring, I watched all of my friends’ fights and rooted for them. There was a fight between Hangen and Alex from my school, and it was a hard time deciding who we should root for. Hangen who was a head taller than Alex seemed to have an advantage before Alex. I asked a coach about it, and the opinion was that if the short one kept inside, the tall one’s kicks will overshoot, and if the tall one kept his distance, the short one will have to go inside and kick. However, Hangen with the long legs won the fight.

IMG_4379Then I sought out fighters and parents to ask them their thoughts on the championship. Sabrina Dreyer, 9, from Convent school who won 3 gold medals for sparring for the past two years and including this year. She let on some useful tips she used in sparring: “I just keep on kicking and try to scare off my opponent. If she’s tall I’ll stay close and if she’s small I’ll kick far…not too many slide backs, and we must definitely train harder.” Why join taekwondo, though? “Then I’ll know what to do when someone tries to kidnap me.” She replied.

Ian Phang,16, from High School was not satisfied with his bronze medal but he had some useful discoveries on his weaknesses. “I found that I have not enough stamina, so when my skills are equal with my opponent, I will be at a disadvantage. I made a lot of mistakes this time, pushing and kicking below the vest—it was a bit disappointing.”

Lim Wan Shin, 15 from Kwang Hua was one of the referees today. I was curious at how the day will go for a referee, and she replied, “ I have to be alert all the time and even though I made some mistakes occasionally, it was corrected by the head of court. It was chaotic and “kelam-kabut” at first, but I quickly got used to it. We were a bit more relaxed before the semi-finals, but we were asked to be stricter after that and issue “kyongo” without mercy.

Mr Phang, 46, was a parent who was “just fulfilling parents’ responsibility by showing up”, in his own words. He gave his opinion on youngsters training in taekwondo and entering Power Sport championship: “It is about discipline, health and self-protection, that’s why I encourage my son to involve in it. This event is actually more organized compared to the other championships.” Mr Phang also thinks that this was a fine opportunity for his son to find real opponents from the other schools. “It tests his real level”.

The championship ended at 430p.m. and I will not bother the readers about names and even more tiring names of the winners. Let’s just say that they earned their victories none too easily, using sweat, bruises, some blood and bones broken to achieve what they came here for. The rest of them who were named helpers were also greatly appreciated for showing volunteering spirits!

Bravo to the winners, and thumbs up for those who learnt things unlooked for in this championship.

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More pics on Prize Giving Ceremony

13th Power Sport Taekwondo Championship 2013

13th PSport ChampWe are pleased to announce to our members that the 13th Power Sport Taekwondo Championship will be held on 7th July this year @ SJK Pandamaran B, Port Klang.

The organizing chairman for this year is Mr. Tan Seng Huat. Here’s the rest of the committees.

Committee-2013We are also honored to have En. Ahmad Redza, President of the Collaborative Council of PIBG Shah Alam,  who incidentally is also the Seksyen 9 Primary School PIBG Chairman, coming to officiate our championship on that day.

Other details of the championship:

Participation fees:
Kyorugi (Sparring) – RM30.00
Poomsae (Pattern) – RM30.00

1.  As this is our internal championship to encourage competitive taekwondo, we are restricting it to our members only.
2.  Location map to the venue and participation forms can be downloaded from the PSport folder on the right hand side column.
3.  Those participants who are taking part in the sparring event need to get for themselves a pair of shin & forearm guards.
4.  Mouth piece is a compulsory item for the secondary students.
5.  The organiser will only provide the body vests, head gears and groin guards.

Report on the recent MSSD Klang 2013 BY PSPST

Submitted by Charmaine Thor

_DSC946320th  & 21 st April 2013, another very common weekend for those who love to dine , shop & relax but it was not for us who took part and supported the Power Sport team in MSSD Klang 2013.

It was an adrenaline kick in weekend and results to not only fruitful in Medals but also sportsmanship and improved in parenting relationship.

_DSC9445This simple note is especially dedicated to the whole family of Power Sport Taekwondo Team. We as parent are proud to share the spirit that the Team member inculcated:

1)        Selvanthraan as a President of SMK La Salle Taekwondo Club, all he said when he was praised on his hard work were “  Aunty , I am the President  , I must show good example “. Good Leader showing good example, Keep up the good job, boy!

2)        Megat Hail aka Harimau Hail (name given by Master Leong), this little guy small in size but big in fighting spirit. Though he might not be in the same league with the opponent on his second bout, he stood up after a several falls and continues to the end of the bout. Salute, Small little Giant!

_DSC94513)        Sebastian Lee Dreyer, a young man that stops tournament training for four months but managed to beat all four giants and won himself a GOLD medal. Amazing!

4)        Janice Maria with her determination and of coz some cheering from the family, started with a solid head score and won the opponent by 11:5. She managed to collect two bronze in this MSSD(Sparring & Poomsae). Bravo!

5)        Sabrina Lee Dreyer, Our Heroin of the day, Though she did not win the bout but she won our heart  for her fight with a head or two taller opponent , she charged the opponent till the end of bout and was only one score behind. We love you, baby!!!

_DSC94646)        Leong Harn…, though he only collected a bronze (in sparring) but we were so proud of the improvement. He started with first round of 0:4 but won the bout with 10:7 by collected three head score. Thank you.

7)        The finale of coz belongs to our Great Rubeni Selvaraj. A five times MSSD champion who won this sparring with a twisted wrist. We want to see more fighting spirit. Keep up the “Never Give Up” spirit.

By the way, all these kids are under the umbrella of all the young coaches, thank you again for being there for the kids. Sir Yap, Sir Kien Tat, Aneta & Kah Chun.

Well , we must not forget the backbone of the family Master Leong and Mdm  Yeap, thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Cheers to All Power Sport Family member.

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Submitted by Charmaine Thor

Results of MSSD Klang Taekwondo Championship 2013

Results of the recent MSSD Klang Taekwondo Championship 2013.

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MSSD Klang 2013
Champion Team (Primary Boys) – SK La Salle Klang (1)


MSSD Klang 2013
Champion Team (Primary Boys) – SK La Salle Klang (2)


MSSD Klang 2013
2nd Placing (Secondary Boys) – SMK La Salle Klang


Rubeni Selvaraj
MSSD Klang Taekwondo Champion 2009-2013