Student of the Month, May 2021

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Each month, Power Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy honors a student from among its ranks for good attitude, discipline and zeal in taekwondo. It is also meant to provide an opportunity for members to know their friends better. Selections rotate among the academy’s members from month to month. Only 12 students earn “Student of the Month” accolades each calendar year, with an individual honored each month. Students may be selected for this prestigious honor only once in their careers at Power Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy.



May 2021

Name: Myra Rosman Lai
Nickname: Myra
Age: 14
Email Address:
Grade: 1st Poom
Achievement: receiving black belt after training for 3 years as a red senior
Year start learning taekwondo: 2013
Present training center: SK Taman Megah
Reasons for taking up taekwondo: Halfway through my first grade year in SK Taman Megah, I noticed that there were taekwondo classes being held in the school hall on Mondays and Thursdays after school. I was truly fascinated by the kicks and punches they could do, and I was inspired to be like them. My preschool also had taekwondo classes on Fridays but I didn’t attend because I didn’t quite understand what it was. It is very helpful to be able to protect my family from danger and become more responsible, so these made me feel motivated to learn taekwondo and master the skills.
Favorite color: turquoise
Favorite food: kuey teow/sushi
Favorite teacher: Master Leong & Mrs. Leong
Reasons: They have known us and have been training us since the first time I joined taekwondo. They guide me through kicking , hand, sparring and taegeuk techniques, as well as have much patience and dedication.
Ambition: editor/photographer/actor/singer/influencer
Things I like to do the most: sing, dance, write, editing photos/videos
Things I dislike to do the most: overthink, do homework
What I hate most: toxicity, negativity, vegetables
Myra Rosman Lai was tabbed by Power Sport Taekwondo Academy as the Student of the Month of May 2021.


A girl with many hidden talents, respectful, disciplined and well-mannered like her sister.

Myra Rosman receiving her 1st Poom Black Belt, 13 Sep 2020

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