Student of the Month, August 2020

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Each month, Power Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy honors a student from among its ranks for good attitude, discipline and zeal in taekwondo. It is also meant to provide an opportunity for members to know their friends better. Selections rotate among the academy’s members from month to month. Only 12 students earn “Student of the Month” accolades each calendar year, with an individual honored each month. Students may be selected for this prestigious honor only once in their careers at Power Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy.




Name: Clarkson Chang Kai Sheng
Nickname: Clarkson
Age: 14
Email Address:
Grade: 8th grade, yellow junior
Achievement: 2 Golds, 3 Silvers, 2Bronzes in Robotics 2018-2019. 1 Gold for Fencing.
Year start learning taekwondo: 2019
Present training center: Tenby International School Setia Ecohill
Reasons for taking up taekwondo: Gaining basic knowledge of Martial Arts and at least know the fundamentals of punching,blocks and kicking
Favorite color: Red
Favorite food: Chicken Katsu
Favorite teacher: Master Leong
Reasons: Serious, very precised and detailed. He explains why every movement is what it is.
Ambition: Pilot
Things I like to do the most: Training, exercising, spending time with friends and family.
Things I dislike to do the most: Chores
What I hate most: Not making progress
Clarkson Chang Kai Sheng was tabbed by Power Sport Taekwondo Academy as the Student of the Month of August 2020.

Disciplined, obedient, responsible and helpful.

Clarkson posing with his team mate when they took part in an International Robotic competition.

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