SMK La Salle Klang, Curriculum Awards 2016

Congrats to these three awesome guys. Power Sport Taekwondo is so proud that almost all of the Curriculum awards of SMK La Salle Klang were won by them!dsc_9734

1. Leong Harn
a) Anugerah Tokoh Kokurikulum
b) Pelajar Cemerlang Kokurikulum Unit Beruniform (Taekwondo)
c) Pelajar Cemerlang Kokurikulum Individu Keseluruhan Tingkatan 5

2. Sebastian Lee Dreyer
a) Pelajar Cemerlang Kokurikulum Individual Keseluruhan Tingkatan 3
b) Pelajar Cemerlang Kokurilkulum Unit beruniform (Taekwondo)
c) Khimat Bakti Cemerlang Presiden dan Naib Presiden Kelas

3. Hymm Leong
Pelajar Cemerlang Kokurikulum Unit beruniform (Taekwondo)

Click to view more pics.

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