Student of the Month, August 2013

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Each month, Power Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy honors a student from among its ranks for good attitude, discipline and zeal in taekwondo. It is also meant to provide an opportunity for members to know their friends better. Selections rotate among the academy’s members from month to month. Only 12 students earn “Student of the Month” accolades each calendar year, with an individual honored each month. Students may be selected for this prestigious honor only once in their careers at Power Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy.



August 2013

Name: Aneta a/p Selvaraj
Nickname: Dinosaur Aneta
Age: 19
Email Address:
Grade: 2nd Dan
Achievement: Please refer to the document attached
Year start learning taekwondo: Jan 2000
Present training center: MGS, Chi Liung Public Center
Reasons for taking up taekwondo: Wanted to be active when I was young due to obesity. Grew interest in it as it disciplined me.
Favorite color: Turquoise
Favorite food: Anything to do with CHICKEN!
Favorite teacher: Mr. Yap Ping Soon
Reasons: I feel most attached to him because I train under him quite often and he has helped me a lot not only in taekwondo but also out of it.
Ambition: Chemical engineer
Things I like to do the most: Eat, make people laugh, go on adventures to overcome my fear (heights)
Things I dislike to do the most: Hurt people’s feelings
What I hate most: Cheaters and ungrateful people
Aneta Selvaraj was tabbed by Power Sport Taekwondo Academy as the ‘Student of the Month’ for August 2013. Disciplined, humble, respectful and friendly, Aneta had dedicated herself to taekwondo for more than a decade now. Her passion for the art can be seen from her total commitment and active participation in most events. A former MSSS (Selangor) and 4 times Power Sport Taekwondo champion, Aneta is also known for her many accomplishments in tennis. In September, she would be leaving for US to further her studies. As much we would like and rejoice with her to see her setting out to achieve her ambition, we would miss her dearly…all the best to you Aneta, Bon voyage! See you again soon.


Aneta with her sibling, Rubeni, also a champion herself.

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