SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam, 2013

Submitted by Anis Nadhirah bt Khairul Anuar

_DSC8533Sekolah Menengah Seksyen 9 Taekwondo Club have been active for over a decade now. Throughout the years, most of the members have brought honour to our school and club not only from Taekwondo championships but also academic achievements. Moreover, our club have been steadily increasing in members every year.

_DSC8528We would like to express our gratitude to Master Leong Yong Wah and Mr. Yap Ping Hong for all the knowledge and guidance given. Through Taekwondo, we did not only gain martial art skills but have improve our self-confidence, become more discipline and more focus in everything we do in our daily lives. It is without a doubt that they have showed the best example for us to excel both physically and mentally.

_DSC8531To the commited members, thank you for putting so much effort in making our club stand proud and sturdy. A big welcome to all new members as well. May this year be filled with wonderful and exciting experiences.

_DSC8525_DSC8557Our training begins at 8.15 am every Saturday.

Anis Nadhirah Bt. Khairul Anuar

Committee 2013

_DSC8501President:           Mohamad Syafiq Bin Malek
Vice President: Raja Roza Athirah Bt. Raja Aznir Shah
Secretary:           Anis Nadhirah Bt. Khairul Anuar
Vice Secretary: Izneer Bt. Ikmal Hakimi
Treasurer:         Danial Bin Abd Rahman
Vice Treasurer: Gan Ye Qian
AJK Form 5:    Muhammad Bin Zulkifli
AJK Form 4:   Muhammad Luqman Bin Shamsuddin
AJK Form 3:   Nur Liyana Bt. Shamsuddin
AJK Form 2:   Iffah Bt. Abdul Malek
AJK Form 1:   Mohd. Izaan Bin Abdul Malek

To view more pics, CLICK HERE.

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