Friendly Match at Kwang Hua School, 16th June 2012

Submitted by Goh Ray June:

A friendly match was held on SMJK Kwang Hua, 16thJune 2012, a match to prepare the students for sparring in the upcoming powersport event. It kicked off with mostly primary school’s students hesitatingly testing their strength and skills, then graduating to the more vicious kicks from the bigger boys. Some are quite inexperienced and spent time kicking in the air before sliding backwards and ducking any possible aims, and so their main weakness is their ability to measure distances. As they fought on, some became quickly out of breath and tired,often sliding a second too late and aiming kicks lacking in power and giving chance to their opponent to score easily. Even those with great strength and stamina find themselves colliding often and though matches between two of equal skills from the black belts are entertaining, some lacked the fine skill of aiming their kicks in the right places and finding the chink in their opponent’s armor.

I found myself constantly stepping out of the box unaware, and being deducted of marks. Learning the lesson only when it’s over, i wanted to remind those going on the sparring event to check the rules and be sure of the boundaries so that it will become an advantage for you rather than a place to make unnecessary mistakes. Be sure that your tactics were absolutely accepted before they became dirty when you spar, like pushing or knocking away your opponent with your hands.

This was a great opportunity for the referees to test their skills, and no doubt they will need more events like these to become experienced rather than just trained. Even spectators learned something from just watching the matches going on, and there were much talk going on debating about skills and weaknesses among the spectators. Fighters alike were a good sport, even after a little bruising and falls, but it will be greater benefit to those who exchanged opinions with their opponents after their match. We might find out more from our opponents than we might think.

While young ones tested the waters and the old ones put all in the match, the next match will be much awaited as we will look for more chances to watch and learn (or fight and learn).

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Preparing for the 2nd National Poomsae Championship

Submitted by Mandy Tee


A few months ago, I was told that the 2nd National Poomsae Competition will be held on the 27th of May. Therefore, Mr. Leong thought it would be a good idea to have classes held on every Sunday in the Chi Liung public centre to help Power Sport students who are interested in participating in the competition with their basic movements. I was quite interested in participating as I’ve never really participated anything that involved the whole of Malaysia so naturally, I went for the training every Sunday, determined to improve myself so that I could be good enough to participate in it.

I went every Sunday to brush up on my basics and to learn new patterns for the competition. The instructors of the classes, Mr. and Mrs. Leong and Mr. Tan Kien Tat were very helpful as they patiently went through each and every student, correcting their stances and movements. Sometimes, the classes would be conducted by only Mr. Tan and I was surprised that he could handle and teach so many students, especially since there were a few students who were still in lower primary school. One thing that actually made me find him very admirable and amusing at the same time is when there was one day, on one of the classes, he was late by a few minutes because he had to fetch a few students who had no transport and lived quite far from the centre. So, before he started the class, he apologized and promised everyone that he would punish himself by doing 60 push-ups in front of us at the end of the class. It was obvious that everyone was very amused by his proposal and was very looking forward to it. Why wouldn’t they be? It’s not every day you have your teacher punish himself for his mistake. Sure enough, at the end of the class, everyone crowded around him, excitedly counting for him while he did his push-ups. One particular student actually smirked and said to me, “Maybe we should’ve asked for more. 60 push-ups seem like a piece of cake to him.” This little incident is what I feel made the whole training all the more fun and memorable for me.

Unfortunately for me, a few weeks before the competition, I tore my right foot’s ligament and was unable to walk for 2 weeks, let alone train. It was because of this that I couldn’t attend the classes on Sundays and participate in the competition. I was devastated because I loved the Poomsae trainings on Sundays as I had met so many people there and learnt so much from the instructors. Since I couldn’t participate in the competition, all I could do was just wish everyone who did the best of luck. When the day of the competition finally came, I waited for the parents of the participants to post the results on our own Power Sport Taekwondo Facebook Group. I felt so proud of everyone, especially those who brought back medals! However, I did feel a little disappointed because after the competition was over, there were no more trainings on Sundays. I had hoped that after my foot recovered, I could attend the classes again but I guess I’ll have to wait till next year. I am definitely looking forward to that! =)