Impressive Video Clip by Our Black Belts

I was totally stunned when I saw the video clip. Dumbfounded would seem to be a better word to describe my reaction then. It was so remarkably done that one can easily mistaken it as done by a professional.

The video clip was produced by Tan Seng Huat together with the rest of the black belts, to be submitted as his last assignment for his final year exam in college. Will he pass his exams? You tell me!

I was so impressed that I couldn’t help watching it over and over again. If I were asked to give a rating for it, I would give it a perfect 10. And I don’t usually give such high ratings.

The members of the cast are : Chong Jang Fung, Tan Hong Wen, Thanindran, Ong Wei Sherng, Low Bing Shiun and of course none other than Tan Seng Huat himself. Tan Seng Huat was also the producer, director and the fighting scene choreographer. Incidentally all these talented youths are also members of the Power Sport Demonstration Team. Am I proud of them? You bet!

Come, relax and watch the show. You will enjoy every moment of it like I do! Phew!!!…I still have not got over the excitement yet!

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