Formation of Power Sport Parents Support Team (PSPST)

President: Madam Kala, 2010

Recently, a small group of enthusiastic parents in La Salle Klang gathered together to form a group called Power Sport Parents Support Team (PSPST). All these were done on a volunteer basis. Below is a brief write up by them about what this PSPST is all about.

What is the Parents Support Team?

•It is a team of parents supporting our kids on events like Tournament.
• Support the trainer and coach, when the kids are out or at normal training.
• Cheering so the Kids feel they are being backed up, when they are fighting.
• Sharing photo and video, with uploading it to the internet.
• Non profitable only 100% volunteer parents.

Why to be member of PSPST?

• You help to give your kids, the feeling that they are getting the support they need.
• Help to arrange one or two special event yearly.
• Supporting the Power Sport Taekwondo

Cost of joining: FREE

Get the PSPST Polo t-shirt now.
And show your kid’s that you as parents are supporting
them.The price will be at RM30.00The sizes available are S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXXL
 Initiative members and for more information contact:

Mr. Ropathy : 019-214 2615
Mr. Kim       : 012-628 2884


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